Gear Up Sale at Jockstrap Central

Gear Up Sale at Jockstrap Central


Time to gear up with Jockstrap Central’s Gear Up Sale. From now until Friday, March 2nd at midnight get up to 50% off hundreds of items. Jockstraps, jock briefs, underwear, sports fetish gear, wrestling singlets, gym shorts, fetish shorts, tank tops, full-frontal display gear and even cock rings are all marked down during the sale.

I won’t get into all the deals, but definitely check out our Jockfighters brand. We’ve just put our entire collection of jocks, jock briefs, briefs and socks on clearance for 20% off. As much as we love Jockfighters and all their hot gear, they haven’t release any new products for a few years so the shelve space is better used for some fresh new sports fetish gear heading your way soon.

Also be sure to checkout our Cellblock 13 department: With the exception of our newly launched Rogue Collection, everything else is on sale. Most of it is 15% off but the Xtreme Hybrid Jocks, Shorts and Harnesses and Octane Fetish Shorts are now all on clearance for 20% off.

Also be sure to check out Nasty Pig – everything is between 15% to 25% off right now – we even have a few black Union Suits left and they are 15% off (the biggest we’ve every discounted them). Also in the fetish department: Maskulo is 15% to 50% off and our 4 Hunks Berlin Wresting Singlets and Jocks are all 15% off.

A few other things not to be missed – all of our classic sports jock, including our very own JC Athletic and the Original Bike Jockstraps by Meyer are 15% off. All PUMP! jocks, underwear, tanks and socks are 20% to 25% off – over 50 items on sale for PUMP! alone! Our kinky Raw Studio bulge boosting jocks, pouches, full-frontal display gear and cock rings are also 15% off right now.

Essentially, the only things not on sale are some of our most recent bring-ins, and in the case of the McKillop Max Bulge Jocks and super-stylish PPU Jockstraps, they’re already pretty damn inexpensive.

There’s too much to mention in this email, so just head to our homepage and click the big Gear Up Sale graphic to check out all the sale items:


Gear Up Sale at Jockstrap Central