Good to the Last First Drop

Adam Stray PPU Precum

Our next installment of Good to the Last First drop where we admire the beauty of precum in close-up. This time around, it’s one of our own photos (in case you haven’t figured it out, we own Jockstrap Central) and the photo is of our model Adam Stray during one of our photo shoots and I guess he got turned on while wearing the PPU XXXPosure Jockstraps that a bead of precum appeared on his dick, which we happily caught on camera to preserved for eternity. How could we not?

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Bike #10 Jockstrap 30% Off Clearance Sale at Jockstrap Central

Bike #10 Jockstrap Clearance - 30% Off10 Jockstraps in both white and black and in all sizes. They are all on clearance for 30% off until they’re gone. Don’t worry, they’re authentic, we wouldn’t sell anything that wasn’t.

As you know, Bike stopped production of their jockstraps last year. We had managed to buy up everything Bike Europe had left in their warehouse and as expected we sold out of most sizes pretty quickly. The good news is we found more, not a lot, but more but the bad news is we won’t be getting more unless some miracle happens.

In case you don’t know, these are the new modern Bike #10 jocks with a full 3 inch wide waistband and moisture wicking pouch and like all the rest of the modern Bike Performance Jocks, they have softer pouches and more comfortable waistbands in grey.

We don’t expect our stock to last long so consider this your warning.


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