You have to love Brazil, not only for their beautiful people, stunning beaches and the magnificent countryside. We now find we love Brazilian TV, after all they have “Beija Sapo” (Kissing Toads). Produced for MTV Brazil, and hosted by Brazilian model Daniella Cicarelli pictured here with her boyfriend. Earlier this year the couple were in the news for (secretly) being filmed having sex in the shallow water at the beach!!!! More on this later.


The show “Kissing Toads” is the Brazilian version of the TV show “Blind Date”, the twist here is that once or twice a season they have a Gay edition. The lead participants called the Prince or Princess have to choose between three contestants who are completely dressed up in Toad outfits. The Prince/ss have to get to know the “Toads” through questioning them, the Toads friends and a song with lyrics penned by the Toads. The show ends with the selected Toad (revealing his/herself) and the Prince/ss kissing.

Video after the jump

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twink shoots a video of himself

YouLoveJack has got another cute skinny twink this week by the name of JT Sexton. According to YouloveJack:

“JT shoots his homemade video in his new basement bachelor pad. It’s his first apartment and what he’s lacking in furniture he makes up for in HOT! He fucks himself silly with a black vibrator before popping it out of his ass and dumping a load all over that fuck stick. Who could have imagined JT was such a dirty little twink?”

My personal favorite part of this homemade video is after he’s been plowing his ass non-stop with the dildo, just as he’s about to cum, he whips it out and cums all it and then proceeds to hold it up to the camera like it’s show and tell.

he cums all over his dildo

There’s lots more photos of JT after the jump…

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While keeping an eye on the local (Provincial) election coverage, provided by Canada’s leading (in my opinion) newspaper the Globe and Mail website, we found this new video from Jeanne Phillips – better known to North Americans as “Dear Abby”. In it she states that she, and her family are “very inclusive”, and that her family has “never been homophobic.”

Click the picture to watch the video, it will open in a new window, unfortunately there is a short commercial before it – one of the minor foibles of free web hosted content!


A person once wrote to Dear Abbey and said:
“A gay couple moved into the house directly across the street from me. What can I do to improve the quality of my neighborhood?”

Abbey replied:

If only we could get her to talk to the President of Iran!!!


muscle worship model Art

Muscle Worship has got to be my favorite porn sites out there for many reasons, but now there’s even more reasons to love them. They’ve just started combining all of their sites into one, so if access to 600 of their huge high quality videos wouldn’t keep you satisfied, by the end of this week, they’ll have 1000 of them. How much porn do you need?

ripped jean shorts and muscles

This particular Muscle model is Art. He’s got to be one of my favorites and luckily (for me anyway) he appears a few times on Muscle Worship. In this particular video, he starts off in some well worn ripped jean shorts. He eventually peels them off (his thighs are huge!) and parades around with his rather large package stuffed into a miniscule blue thong. He’s obviously turned on about showing off his muscles, for when he strips out of the thong, his dick is raging hard and he has to stroke it till it bursts.

Muscle Hunk Art in a blue thong

One of the greatest things about Muscle Worship videos is that they never rush. In the case of Art’s video, all the time Art is flexing and stripping, the cameraman manages to find the most amazing camera angles. He makes sure he zooms in on each muscle group and back out for the complete package. My absolute favorite angle has to be from down below – and that’s the exactly where the cameraman is when Art finally shoots his pretty spectacular load.

We have even more photos from Art’s video after the jump…

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Being from England, I was introduced to the wonderful voice of Shirley Bassey at a very young age. I immediately fell in love with her amazingly powerful voice. I was once fortunate enough to see her in Concert in Toronto in the late 80’s. Perhaps best known – or most famous to the rest of the world, for singing three of the Bond theme songs, Goldfinger, Diamonds are forever and Moonraker. More recently she did a commercial for Marks & Spencer singing a cover of Pink’s song “Get the Party Started” featuring Twiggy amongst others models!

Here for your listening and viewing pleasure is firstly the commercial, followed after the jump by the full version.


Watch the full (non commercial) version after the jump. Who would believe Shirley turned 70 in January 2007! I hope I look that good at 70.

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Today, the owner of a blog asked for a link exchange on our other blog Un-der-who? so I clicked on over to check out Restoring Love and discovered a Gem. This multi-faceted website works on two levels. The first is the personal appeal for help for viewers to help save a gay relationship yet all around this couple counseling is also a wonderful blog full of insightful commentary, male eye candy, gay news, circuit party info and much much more.

Please take some time to check out Restoring Love and if you have some, offer up some advice to Erik and Ruben.




Well, I guess we all need a good laugh (NOT)! It seems – according to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Gay people do not exist in Iran! Well if Gay people don’t exist, why do they execute them…on a regular basis. His response, to a question put to him at Columbia University, about the persecution of Gays (amongst other elements of a normal Western Society) was

“In Iran, we don’t have homosexuals like in your country. We don’t have that in our country. In Iran, we do not have this phenomenon. I don’t know who’s told you we have it.”

Here in his own words (translated) is the excerpt from the Q & A session following his address to Columbia university. (personal thoughts on this bring to mind a certain European Guy with a mustache named Adolf! The only difference, he acknowledged Gay people existed, and made a plan to exterminate us all.)

We would like to thank ryannewyork (youtube I.D.) for posting this response, we think this tells something closer to the truth.


One of the many benefits of living in a large City is that Great events and shows come to you. Right now visiting our City (Toronto) is Cirque Du Soleil with their new show “Kooza.”

We had the good fortune to see this show on opening night (August 9th) with 5 members of my Family who were visiting from England. This event proved to be a fitting Grande Finale to their visit. Being their last night, what better send off could you possibly have!

For those of you not acquainted with Cirque Du Soleil (Circus of the Sun) a brief description may be in order. While it may be called a Circus, there are no animals! Only Humans, if you can call someone who can double over – BACKWARDS – human. The show is two hours of pure eye candy, from the muscled toned acrobats, to the fantastic custom made costumes for each and every performer the shows are a feast for the senses. One word of warning – you may end up catching flies due to the fact that your mouth will be open for 99% of the performance!

Following is a promo for this show Kooza, now on a North American Tour. Don’t feel left out if you don’t live in North America, there are other Cirque shows circling the globe, from Brazil to Japan and Australia. Once you’ve seen one show, it will become your ambition to see them all!

Enjoy the clip.

Unfortunately Kooza is not yet available on DVD, however many of their other performances are. Check out “La Nouba“. Unless you intend to travel to Orlando, Florida, seeing it on DVD is going to be your only option.

This next track is from La Nouba and is the “Fast Track”, trampolining taken to a new level. My only comment is that seeing them on youtube is okay, seeing them on DVD in your own home is great….seeing them live is out of this world!

If you enjoy this clip and live in the US or Canada, click here to order yours from Amazon “La Nouba US/Canada

To order your copy if you live in Europe, the Middle East or South Africa, click here “La Nouba EU, ME, SA

On a closing note, I’m going to see Kooza again tomorrow night! Don’t get jealous – get tickets!

Check out the official website to see when and where Cirque du Soleil will be appearing!


beatuifully designed cock rings

We all spend loads of money on the best jewelry, clothes, cars, appliances, but when it comes to cock rings, we go down to the local sex shop and buy a completely marked up industrial metal ring that was never made to go near your dick. Well, it’s about time you treated yourself (and your cock) to a cock ring that is not only made to measure, but is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry you’ll ever own…. Gear Essentials!

They are the Porche of cock rings. They are made of heavy duty polished metals that are completely seamless and they won’t pinch, chafe or cut your precious goods. They also make stunning gifts (I know, as I gave one to Adrian a few years ago – and he loves it!)



No we know Mika has never come out of the closet – if in fact he is in one – and whats more we don’t care, we just love his music and the messages in them.

Think about it, you’re young, you’re new to the music business, you’re trying to make a name for yourself and get noticed in what is still a very straight dominant world – ask yourself, would you want to jeopardize fame and fortune? If he is Gay and wants to “come out” let him do it on his own time line.

Now there are times and people that I agree should be outed – namely Politicians and public figures who vote against Gay issues, and get caught in washrooms certain situations then try to deny the obvious. Chances are – if they were good at their jobs and had come out earlier then the situation would not be so much of an issue. Think back to George Michael – who cares, he didn’t come out at the start of his career either, and now….. well, form your own opinion!

Here we have Mika with his new music video for “Happy Ending” from his album “Life In A Cartoon World”. We love the album so much we bought all our friends copies of it – yes bought! We could have burned copies, who can’t? We just want to support new artists that we like and appreciate.


Right now Amazon has the CD on sale for $9.99

At some stage it was my plan to link directly to the Mika website, unfortunately it doesn’t work properly in Firefox!!! If you want to check out his site, cut and paste the following into your I.E. browser.