What a Deal! $10 and $14 Jockstraps

Blue Line Jockstraps


Sleek and stealthy, sheer and sexy and insanely inexpensive – Blue Line Jocks are here. Whether it’s the Pro-Mesh collection of super soft and see-through jocks (only $10 each,) the Low-Profile Jock ($10) or the unique sports inspired Performance Jocks (only $14), these jockstraps are sexy, fun and definitely won’t break the bank. But just because they’re inexpensive, don’t think they’re cheaply made. Here’s more details:

Blue Line Pro-Mesh Jockstrap

This collection of mesh jocks include a plain black, a camouflage and a leopard print. They not only look awesome but the fabric is sheer, has a four-way stretch and is silky soft – very important when it’s cradling your package. While the camouflage and leopard versions are see-through, the pattern will make you work a bit harder at seeing what lies beneath (there’s a reward for your effort none-the-less) but the black one is totally see-through leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Blue Line Low-Profile Jockstrap

Of all the jocks, this may be the simplest, but don’t dismiss it – this is one awesome looking jock that is perfect as everyday underwear that when worn will make you feel like a million bucks, even if it only cost you $10!

With it’s slinky black pouch and fabric wrapped elastic waistband, it not only looks good but feels great.

Blue Line Performance Jockstrap

There’s simply nothing else out there like this totally unique jock. Upon first glance, this jockstrap looks like a classic sports jock with it’s masculine 3 inch wide elastic waistband complete with sport striping and centered info label front and center (think classic Bike or Flarico) but what makes this jockstrap so unique is the pouch: It’s generously cut and made from a slinky microfiber with a huge amount of stretch so endowed guys will love them.

Keep in mind that although the waistband and straps are sturdy, because of the slinky pouch, you won’t get the support of a sports jock, but what you do get is a masculine styled jock that treats your boys right.


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