Sukrew Back in Black at Jockstrap Central

Sukrew Black Collection

Sukrew, which stands for Sexual Unity Krew, took the UK by storm with their totally out there full frontal or full 3d pouched designs, well now they’re available this side of the Atlantic exclusively through Jockstrap Central. North America is experiencing a “British Invasion” of erotic proportions! If the brightly colored Britannia collection or two-toned white and blue collection didn’t get you all hot and bothered, then let’s get serious in black! We have all of Sukrew’s signature styles and designs, but now in a striking solid black that gives an air of mystery to a brand which offers very little to the imagination. With its daring “let it all hang out” attitude get back in black with Sukrew!

Of course this enhancing gear is not just some underwear with a gimmick, it’s quality all the way with their striking fabrics, double stitching, impeccable craftsmanship and unique paneled construction that ensures they all fit like a glove.

For the conservative guy (and we say that tongue in cheek) you’ll love the Sukrew Full Trunk or Sukrew Full Brief with their full coverage and their generous super 3D contoured pouches, cut high so the pouch opening sits up under the balls pushing everything up and out. The Sukrew FV Brief is a hybrid jock and brief design incorporating the full 3d pouch but with ultra wide back straps.

However, for the guy who likes to let it all hang out: The Sukrew U Trunk and Sukrew U Brief and newly added Sukrew UV Brief (Jockstrap) is where it’s at. Named after the front “U panel with includes a hole just big enough to give your entire package the freedom it needs (and put it all out on display). As if having your dick out there for all to see wasn’t enough, a panel fills in the U above your dick, showcasing it and the reinforced U ensures the front area clings to your body and your boys are riding high.

Be sure to check out both original Britannia Sukrew Collection, the White and Blue Collection or the all new black creations on our models Mick and all-time favorite porn star Ryan Russell. As always, we’re totally uncensored.


Jockstrap Central model Mick in Sukrew Jockstrap

Jockstrap Central model Mick in Sukrew Underwear

Jockstrap Central model Mick in Sukrew Underwear

Jockstrap Central model Mick in Sukrew Jockstrap

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Todd Sanfield Arrives at Jockstrap Central

Todd Sanfield Underwear
Todd Sanfield Underwear


…well, not Todd Sanfield the model, but his awesome underwear line. In case you don’t know, Todd Sanfield is one hell of a model working out of New York City. He’s ruggedly handsome with a body of death but he’s not just a pretty face, he’s also a businessman that’s taken all his experience in the fashion word and directed into the design of a collection of jockstraps and underwear which is the perfect marriage of style and function. Whether it’s the jock, brief or trunk, satisfaction is key using a fine, soft brushed cotton with a touch of spandex for that added stretch and constructed with an improved contoured pouch for the ideal fit and ultimate comfort. Style wise, it’s all sexy and sophisticated using combinations of black, white and a pale blue with a paneled construction.

All three designs come in three color variations with a base color of either black, light blue or white with the contrast colors showing up as detailing. While all designs are striking, of particular note is the jockstrap: – it’s a unique take incorporating a low rise brief front. It’s light and airy up front and totally air conditioned in the back. With a natural contoured pouch design with just the right about of lift to ensure the perfect bulge. At the sides, the brief style front ends at an angle where the jock straps begin their journey down around your ass cheeks, disappearing into your nether region and finally connecting back to the bottom of the front pouch. The effect not only looks modern and stylish, but it’s comfortable too.

We managed to get the new Todd Sanfield underwear on three different models to really get a feel for how they look on three different body types. So be sure to check out Jockstrap Central to check out our models Matt, Gerry and Spence taking the new gear for a spin and for more in-depth descriptions of all the designs.

We’re also offering our free/discounted shipping on $40 or more this week, so you just need to order two of these new designs to get the shipping offer.


Cellblock 13 Enforcer Jockstraps and Underwear

Cellblock 13 Enforcer Jockstraps and Underwear


Cellblock 13 is back with the super stylish and edgy Enforcer Collection of jockstraps, jock briefs, trunks and briefs further strengthening their position as the world’s top designer of sport fetish gear. With modern colors, hi-tech fabrics and a fresh new cruising font logo that signifies how we live so fast. By now we probably don’t need to say it, but we will: Cellblock 13 is the edgier side of Timoteo so you know this gear is made to last and it’s also all Made In the USA!

Using a combination of a solid, mostly cotton fabric and Cellblock 13’s signature hi-tech perforated mesh fabric combined with big bold primary color racing stripes, these jock and underwear designs are both retro and modern at the same time.

We’ve got all four styles of Cellblock 13 Enforcer in either blue-black-white or orange-black-white. Be sure to hit the Jockstrap Central website to check out our new model Xander (watch out for those killer eyes!) taking the new gear out for a test drive.