Jack Adams Sport Tek Jockstraps

Jack Adams Sport Tek Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central

Jack Adams is back at Jockstrap Central with a stylish and unique jockstrap called Jack Adams Sport Tek Jockstrap. Made with an innovative cotton punch-hole fabric that’s engineered for comfort, wicks moisture and provides welcome air-conditioning when it’s steaming hot outside. Even better: The pouch is very generous, it’s contoured and the fabric has a four-way stretch so this jock can handle even those big guys with big packages. Need proof? They’re modeled by our huge in every way model Simon and you can see exactly what he’s packing in some of our recent full-frontal additions at the Jockstrap Central website.

Here’s the details:

As mentioned, Sport Tek by Jack Adams has a generously cut contoured pouch in a stunning soft sports mesh edged with white piping for a sporty and super stylish look. A unique one and one quarter inch wide black and white striped elastic is not only the waistband but also the leg straps. The thicker leg straps and the easy-stretch elastic prevent the waistband and leg-straps from cutting in causing love handles or indentations below the ass cheeks – always a good thing!

Finally, a Jack Adams label sits front and center on the waistband along with the small Jack Adams @ logo on a tab suspended from the waistband on one side.

If you’re looking for an affordable, top drawer, wear all day sporty looking fashion jock, one that won’t cramp your style (or your junk) then this is it.


Jack Adams Punter and Racer Jockstraps featuring Brandon

Jack Adams Punter and Racer Jockstraps

Hit after hit, they keep on coming from Jack Adams. First Jockstrap Central brought in the best-selling classic inspired Old School 2.5 Jockstraps, then the sporty Athletic Jockstraps, then the Air Mesh Gym Shorts (already sold out in many sizes in a few colors) and now we’ve just launched two new jockstrap styles: The very revealing Jack Adams Punter Bodyflex Jockstrap and the stylish sport fetish Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap and they’re both pretty affordable. Here’s the details:

JACK ADAMS PUNTER BODYFLEX JOCKSTRAP (in either aqua-blue and black or red and black)

Live on the edge with this sexy new jock from Jack Adams with it’s streamlined pouch that features an opening at the top that swoops down dangerously low with the potential to expose the top of your shaft. Of course, what’s the point of having a hole without taking advantage it? All you exhibitionists (you know who you are) will have your erect dicks poking out of it in no time.

Made with Jack Adams’ awesome lightweight mesh which although isn’t very see-through, it looks great and feels awesome and between the scoop and the mesh, you won’t be suffering from SBS, also known as sweaty balls syndrome (it’s a thing!) The solid color pouch is edged with black piping as is the scoop adding a stylish touch.

JACK ADAMS RACER JOCKSTRAP (in black and white, black and gold or black and red)

This Racer Jockstrap is versatile. The mesh, sports stripes and clean lines will look good at any gym but grab your favorite combat boots and shin high sport socks then slip on this jock with its fetish forward colors and you’re set for any fetish party.

The pouch is constructed with Jack Adams’ awesome lightweight micro-mesh in black – it looks great and feels awesome. Also made with the same mesh, the two contrasting vertical stripes say sports whereas the color choices say fetish.

Both styles include some of the best comfort stretch waistbands and leg straps you’ll ever encounter but words can only describe so much. Check out our photo below but visit Jockstrap Central to see our hunky model Brandon (welcome back!) putting them all through their paces.


Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap

Jack Adams Punter Bodyflex Jockstrap

Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap

Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap

Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap

Jack Adams Punter Bodyflex Jockstrap

Jack Adams Punter Bodyflex Jockstrap

Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap

Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap


Jack Adams Jockstraps


Get back to school in style with Jacks Adams‘ two latest jockstrap creations. Whether it’s the salute to the classics of the Old School 2.5 Jockstrap or the all grown up and moving to college sophisticated styling of the Varsity Mesh Jockstrap, heading back to school has never been this fun. Here’s the details:

Old School 2.5 Jockstrap

It may be borrowing from the past, but this Old School 2.5 Jock has improved the sports jock at every turn and adds a modern flare with it’s slick color choices and styling. It’s the best of both worlds. Retro is the thick heavy duty waistband, extra thick leg straps and woven pouch. Modern is the bold color choices and detailing and the unbelievable comfort built into these jocks.

Varsity Mesh Jockstrap

From the front, this unique jockstrap looks like a brief but from the back – a jock strap. Unlike many jock briefs, however, the front is cut low and is very streamlined – perfect to wear under low-rise jeans. The four way stretch mesh fabric is smooth and slinky and the indented mesh pattern adds visual interest. As a bonus, the mesh also wicks moisture. From the back, it’s a traditional jock with straps meeting the wrap around of the front panel.

In total, that’s seven new jockstraps to browse, and if that alone weren’t enough to get you clicking on over to our website, how about this: Our hunky, handsome and fan favorite Trent is the model. 63 hi-resolution photos are there for your enjoyment.