100 Nude Shoots (and a really hot guy)

hugo 1000 nude shoots

hugo 1000 nude shootsWow! What a cool guy and what a wonderful project. Meet Hugo, he’s an actor, performer and professional model based in São Paulo, Brazil. 100 NUDE Shoots (of Hugo) is a photographic project where he’s in the process of being portrayed in 100 nude photoshoots by 100 different artists with their own unique concepts, views and interpretations of nudity. He’s already made a big dent on that magic 100 figure and it’s interesting to see each artists take.

As for Hugo, what a beautiful stunning man with a beautiful body and impressive dick, I couldn’t imagine a better specimen for this project.

hugo 1000 nude shoots

These photos are a sampling from just one of the photographers, Colbata – the nickname of an Italian photographer who prefers to keep work and leisure in separate identities. Joining Hugo was another beautiful man named Rod.

Be sure to visit 1000 Nude Shoots not only to see the rest of Colbata’s photos of Hugo, but to see the other 18 shoots online so far.

hugo 1000 nude shoots


Friday Lunch Break: NoriBoi in Green (Video

NoriBoi Video

Join me in a Friday Lunch Soiree with this stunning sexy and artistic video by NoriBoi. Although the model is unknown he is greatly appreciated for his handsome face, dreamy eyes and practically perfect dick – it’s aesthetically pleasing with an uncut dick backdropped by a wonderful set of hanging balls.

As for NoriBoi who also goes by NRBii, as far as I can tell he’s a videographer/photographer but there’s no info on his Vimeo page or the NoriBoi Tumblr, but be sure to check out both for lots more videos and photos of other beautiful men.

NRBii 000 from Nori Boii on Vimeo.

Instagram Guy: Misdrakis

Not much back ground info but infatuationable for sure. Misdrakis says: “Yep. All about me. Me. Me. Me. I’m daddy’s special unicorn. Nothing else matters as long as I can post skimpy pictures of myself.”


A photo posted by Her name is Andreas! (@missdrakis) on


A photo posted by Her name is Andreas! (@missdrakis) on

Sunny winter day one year ago in Australia.

A photo posted by Her name is Andreas! (@missdrakis) on

You're next!

A photo posted by Her name is Andreas! (@missdrakis) on

Better call Benny with the good beard ????????

A photo posted by Her name is Andreas! (@missdrakis) on

Love the 'Tom Of Finland' vibe I get from this photo Rick Day took of me. Must be the mustache.

A photo posted by Her name is Andreas! (@missdrakis) on

Check out Misdrakis’ Instagram


sexy british men

UKNakedMen‘s hunky Dean Monroe is back, looking better than ever. This tall dark and beefy guy is a self professed power bottom, and considering his mighty fine rear end, it sort of makes sense.

Here’s what UKNakedMen has to say about Dean’s latest photo session:

“Its great to see horny, power bottom Dean back in front of the camera, in fine form and sporting a hairy chest. The horny, uncut stud is a natural exhibitionist, and loves to get naked, showing off his hard dick and hungry, tight arse hole. Its a steamy set as he tweaks his nipples, plays with his foreskin and stretches his arse cheeks.”

sexy british guy

Dean’s previous photoshoot has him all decked out in a business suit (another fetish of mine) plus he also appears in two duo videos where he’s getting drilled by fellow hot Brits Leo Yankho and Lucas Knowles

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latin guy

Latin hunk Raphael appears a number of times on UkNakedMen, but his latest set is by far the best, with it’s artistic heavy shadows showing off Raphael’s muscles and highlighting his boyish but handsome face. Completing the package is an impressive dick and delicious ass you just want to bury your face into.

south american guy

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latin guys in high definition video

I’m loving all the next-generation gay porn sites that are cropping up these days. Each new one seems to be pushing the standard of videos on offer higher and higher. Sites like UKNakedMen, Muscle Worship, ManifestMen and now UOMO TV are offering some of the large videos available through a gay porn site – and they are all downloadable and DRM free (DRM is this ridiculous system that prevents videos you download from being played back unless you are still a member of the site you downloaded the video from.)

latin guys in high definition video

What I love most about UOMO TV is the production quality and the new high definition ratio screen. Of course I also love all their models, and what’s really impressive for such a new site, is they already have 120+ videos (both solo and duo) of hot latin guys available to download. For this quality of a site, they are very reasonably priced as well.

For our first update, I’ve picked one of my favorite models – Miguel. I can’t imagine anyone not falling for this guy – with that incredible body, impressive thick dick, dark latin skin and those eyes!

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Glen Mitchell is a very handsome and drool worthy photographer in Miami who’s photographic works have been published and exhibited world wide. I stumbled upon his website and was completely blown away by his work. He creates sensual images of the human form, intimate portraits and provocative nudes, and it’s some of those nudes that I present here from one of his website’s galleries.



Just some random points that I found that made me even more interested in this photographer..

– one of his favorite movies is Moulin Rouge (my personal favorite too)
– He’s got Annie Lennox’s new song Dark Road playing on Glen’s MySpace page.
– He wants to meet Nicole Kidman and Anderson Cooper (me too!)
– He loves to photograph husky latin men (my weakness)




Please take the time and visit Glen’s website where he has a number of wonderful galleries of his work. You can also buy prints of his photographic images that you see online.

You can also find his photography in the books “Male Nude Now: New Visions for the 21st Century” and also in a fantastic workout concept book called Fit Together which shows you how to make working out with your buddy a little more fun (although, I’m pretty sure you’ll be making out instead of working out after you try some of those exercises!)

Glen’s also has a blog which is equally as interesting that you might want to check out as well.




When I saw Sexgaymes latest solo model Manuel, my jaw dropped. I’m not sure if it was simply because he’s so hot, or if my mouth was subconsciously making room for Manuel’s enormous thick cock.

From Sexgaymes‘ description: “So masculine, so dominate, so powerful, so confident! When you check out this muscled, tattooed, horsehung man – you’ll be drooling.” and they’re completely right.


click the big link for the rest of Manuel’s photos:

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Fucking athletes! No, I don’t hate athletes, it’s just what website Sexgaymes is all about – athletes of all sorts who play together and fuck together and this is a post about them.

In the video where these photos and vid caps are from, Carlos (our main man) and his workout buddy (in more ways than one) are working on Capoeira – It’s an art form made up of both dancing and fighting and it’s sexy as hell to watch and also quite sacred. So as not to offend our Brazilian friends the Sexgaymes Team gave it a choreographic tweak and an Aussie twist (hence the footie-shorts). Two sexy guys Carlos and Clinton do a quick, slick routine before horniness got the better of them. You can’t mistake their hunger for each other as Clinton finally let’s himself cop-it from the spicy Latino Carlos. It’s another hot, 100% unique Sexgaymes special!

gay sports

locker room gay sex

hot guy in a footie


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latin men

The guys at UOMOTV just sent me some photos from a recent shoot with hot latin model Uba, and just like their videos, the photos are pretty spectacular. Besides being really handsome, Uba’s got one impressive piece of meat between those sexy latin legs of his. As you can see from the photos, UOMOTV isn’t afraid to show anything. They’re also trying to hook Ubu up with another guy, but it’s proving difficult as Ubu is straight….but their working on it none-the-less.

hot latin men

naked latin men videos

I know I’ve gushed about these guys before, but I have yet to find a porn site that’s as slick as these guys. The quality of their videos is nothing but phenomenal – crisp and clear and huge – with no DRM so you can play them back at anytime after you’ve downloaded them. All their guys are latin, which is a bonus if you like Latin men (like I do) and there are close to 150 videos currently on their site (and more being added each week). These guys have raised the bar that separates the best from the rest. There’s a lot of sites out there that have a lot of catching up to do!


hot latin men videos