Launched: Your Underwear

Your Underwear

In case you don’t know, Jockstrap Central has been running a website called Your Jockstraps – it’s a social website for jockstrap enthusiasts to share their jockstrap selfies. Over the past few years, we’ve had countless guys who have expressed an interest in posting their underwear selfies as well as jockstraps. Instead of diluting the theme of Your Jockstraps and posting them there, we’ve just launched Your Underwear – it’s essentially the same idea except this new website covers all styles of men’s underwear, swimwear and even goes as broad to include spandex shorts, sportswear, wrestling singlets and more.

The only thing we won’t be posting is photos of guys completely naked (although I’m considering a third site for that) and guys fully clothed.

Tighty Whities, y-fronts, boxers, boxer briefs, thongs, erotic wear, tangas, g-strings, display suits, wet underwear, mesh underwear, shaft suits, fundoshis, langots, bicycle shorts, upshort shots, wrestling singlets, wet underwear, torn underwear, underwear in public – we want to see it all.

Your Underwear has just launched and although there already has been a few uploads, most of the current photos are photos from the Jockstrap Central archives.

So, what are you waiting for? Snap some underwear selfies, upload them and don’t forget to leave a comment of encouragement to the other guys posting their photos.


Model Spotlight: VainLazyVain

model VainLazyVain

Doing another model spotlight of a sexy guy I found on ModelMayhem. This guy’s name is Riu but goes by VainLazyVain on his portfolio. From his portfolio, Riu looks like a lot of fun and pretty comfortable in front of the camera. He’s currently traveling between London, Lisbon and Paris so if you’re a photographer in those locations you should hit him up.

Here’s a sampling of his work but be sure to check out VainLazyVain’s Model Mayhem page for more photos and contact info.

As for Model Mayhem, in case you don’t know, it’s the ultimate networking website for photographers, models and industry professionals to hook up.

model VainLazyVain

model VainLazyVain

model VainLazyVain naked

model VainLazyVain in underwear

model VainLazyVain naked

model VainLazyVain naked

model VainLazyVain


Male Model Brolly Davis in  White Briefs

Was cruising around Paragon Men and although there’s always tons of hot guys to drool over, when I saw Brolly Davis in his white briefs, I had to see more. OMG! I wasn’t disappointed. This guys not only has a phenomenal body but the dude is packing. If that thing hit you in the face, it would hurt (a risk I’d be completely willing to take!)

Male Model Brolly Davis in  White Briefs

I could go on, but one of the highlights of Paragon is their witty writing. I can’t imagine what I’d say that would be funnier than this quote about Brolly from their site:

“Brolly is prolly smart, but who cares? He’s a tall as model with hairy long legs that lead to a juicy tubesteak (aka the Brolly-dog) which once (accidentally?) shot a wad in some chick’s eye. She stood up, screamed, and ran into a wall. So yeah, he’s single.”

Male Model Brolly Davis in Nothing but a Wife Beater

Male Model Brolly Davis nude

Male Model Brolly Davis nude

The best thing about Paragon Men is the vast amount of content they give you for free including lot of photos of their models in underwear. They have extensive, albeit G-rated, photos of each and ever model available to everyone ( if you have a thing for mens underwear, then you’re going to love this site,) but it’s in the members section that it really gets interesting – not only to the models shed their underwear and you get to see the full monty but you’ll also find videos of the photoshoots. Not all the guys get buck naked, but so often even the shy guy end up showing off their family jewels by accident during the videos. The whole “tease” works and if you’re not ready to blow after gazing a few of these hot guys then you may want to check your pulse!


Raw Studio Gear Is Here and Exclusive to Jockstrap Central

Raw Studio Jockstraps and Underwear

Jockstrap Central launched Raw Studio almost eight years ago and due to the excellent craftsmanship, innovative designs and unique fabrics it quickly became one of their best selling product lines. Due to a business partnership issue, they closed shop prematurely. Needless to say, Jockstrap Central was disappointed to lose such an awesome brand. Well the good news is after a six year hiatus, Raw Studio is back better than ever with new designs, improved fabrics and more affordable than ever – and once again, the line is exclusive to Jockstrap Central. It’s launching with an initial three designs, here’s the details:


The Raw Studio Y-jock is a full featured jockstrap with unique design elements and big sexy twist. The front consists of a streamlined brief style panel shaped like the top of a Y (hence the name) that seems to hang off the waistband. A contoured pouch design in a luxurious silky soft Microfiber and Elastane fabric with four-way stretch ensure comfort and a perfect fit. Black elastic edging maintains shape while hugging the legs and emphasizing your bulge. A cutout is formed between the waistband and the top of the y showing off your pubes and providing a sexy escape route for your shaft (see the photos on our website for a demonstration).

Includes a unique one and one quarter inch two toned silver and black comfort waistband that along with the leg straps running parallel beneath adds a final stunning visual detail to this totally unique jockstrap. Available in blue, gun metal and white.


There’s a number of ball lifters on the market and they’re mostly pretty pedestrian but not the Raw Studio C-Scoop Ball Lifter. While this ball lifter is fully functional providing the lift and boost you want, it’s also pretty damn stylish using Raw Studio’s signature silver and black comfort waistband and a totally unique suspended elastic cock ring design: Two elastic straps come down from the waistband a few inches apart and attach to the base of the ring right behind your balls. The design not only looks great but it’s feels great too. Whether you’re wearing it on it’s own to display what you’ve got or wearing it under a pair of light fabric shorts to maximize the bulge, you’re going to LOVE the C-scoop.


The Raw Studio Strapless Sock is a simple yet ingenious design consisting of a waistband and suspended pouch and nothing else. Other sock style underwear, while definitely sexy, aren’t normally well designed – they tend to fall off with any slight movement. Raw Studio, however, took this design challenge head on (pun intended) and came out on first: With a super contoured microfiber pouch and a short cut elastic, together they form a fitted cup with a small opening to cradle your boys to perfection, the elastic sits high behind the balls to keep the pouch in place. The best part is because there’s no straps pulling the pouch down, you’re able to hang naturally and free with sporting an awesome bulge.

The C-Scoop is sophisticated in it’s simplicity and undeniably sexy. Available in navy-blue, gun metal and white.


What’s most remarkable is that Raw Studio can offer their handcrafted jockstraps with craftsmanship this high and keep them as affordable as they are. Be sure to visit our website to see our models Ryan Russell and Derek in the new gear, we may have taken some bonus fun sextra shots for your viewing pleasure.



Nasty Pig Long Johns


Traditionally, the long john was made for the cold to wear underneath your outer clothes to keep you warm and although Nasty Pig‘s limited edition long johns are perfect to do just that, they are so freak’n cool, you may just want to wear them by themselves as truly hip outerwear.

These long johns are constructed of Nasty Pig’s standard extra-soft cotton/spandex rib and finished at the ankles with a slightly heavier layer of ribbed fabric. Although the fly is non-functional (perhaps to keep the cold out,) the custom Nasty Pig snaps will certainly grab all the right attention to that bulge of yours.

Finally, the long johns include a 1 1/4 inch plushed contrasting elastic waistband with the fetish inspiring Nasty Pig logo we all love woven and repeated throughout.

We’ve got the Nasty Pig long johns in black, white and red. As always with Nasty Pig speciality items, quantities are limited, they are seasonal and when they’re gone, they’re not coming back. Sure, they may bring out a new style of long johns a year from now, but these particular long johns won’t be around for long.

You can see a photoset of our model Ryan Russell in the new long johns over at our Underwhere? Blog here.