GBGB Jockstraps now at Jockstrap Central


Time to freshen up your top jockstrap drawer and we’ve got exactly what you need!

We’ve got a new brand called GBGB that’s just arrived with a whole bunch of sexy new mesh and sports jocks . Considering, GBGB stands for Good Boys Gone Bad, we think they’re a pretty incredible fit at Jockstrap Central. Just like us, everything GBGB does, they throw a naughty curve ball at. There are 8 new jocks in three styles – everything from see-through net jockstraps to modern sports jockstraps. Here’s the details:

GBGB Benz Net Jockstrap:

Even though you’re probably not going to be wearing this jock to the gym, marathon or sports field, the 1.5 inch wide waistband definitely borrows from the sports world with it’s white elastic and five small horizontal sports stripes running through it (in either blue, grey, green or yellow). But that’s where the borrowing ends – the pouch is made of a moderately wide white mesh net which means it’s VERY see-through.

GBGB 3″ Classic Sports Jockstrap V 2.0

The GBGB Classic 3″ Sport Jockstrap is a very modern jock but borrows hugely from the all the classic sports jock of yesteryear. With a full on, masculine and very sturdy 3 inch wide waistband with an additional waistband binding strip for extra support. But it’s not just the waistband that has us excited, the pouch is made with an awesome ribbed knit fabric so you not only get the moisture wicking of a sports jock but the fabric is so soft right out of the box your boys are going to be loving you for it. It’s also contoured to fit you just right plus the ribbing ends up cradling your junk for bulging perfection. As a final touch, GBGB has bordered the pouch with silicon tapes for a more secure fit and maximum support.

We’ve got this jockstrap in both royal-blue and a deep crimson red.

GBGB 2″ Classic Sports Jockstrap

Essentially, just like the 3 inch jockstrap above yet a bit more streamlined with a slightly smaller 2 inch wide waistband. But don’t worry, it’s still pretty tough with the additional waistband binding strip which adds extra support. We’ve got this jock in a solid royal-blue and a totally stylin’ black with royal-blue waistband version.


The best feature of the new GBGB jocks is that they’re as affordable as they are stylish and well-made. All the jocks are either $20 or $22!

Be sure to check out the Jockstrap Central website to see our models Jordi and Romeo in all the new GBGB jockstraps – there’s lots of fun photos – especially with the see-through mesh jocks!


McKillop Ignite Sheer Shorts at Jockstrap Central

McKillop Ignite Sheer Shorts

Just arrived at Jockstrap Central: Our all new McKillop Ignite Shorts give new meaning to “hanging out”. Not only are they the ultimate lounge shorts made with a mesh so fine you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing (and you practically are) but the mesh is totally transparent so they’re as sexy as they’re comfortable. Why can’t you have it all?

The shorts are unrestrictive with wide-enough leg opening and side splits for enhanced movement. They’re even short enough for some “accidental” exposure if you choose. With an elasticized waistband and drawstring for backup.

How see-through are they? Here’s our guideline: If you’re light-skinned, then the black sheer short will show practically everything and white would be more subtly see-through and red and blue somewhere in between. It’s the opposite for dark skinned guys – white will show more and black less. I think our photos of our model Andrew are pretty descriptive (and NOT SAFE FOR WORK).

Wear them around the house, hanging out on the couch or if you dare, out in public – just don’t get arrested!

As with the McKillop Max Bulge Jockstraps we launched a few weeks ago (just restocked), the Ignite Shorts are equally well-priced. So when you have a chance, go check out all our uncensored photos of andrew in the new shorts over at Jockstrap Central


Jack Adams Sport Tek Jockstraps

Jack Adams Sport Tek Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central

Jack Adams is back at Jockstrap Central with a stylish and unique jockstrap called Jack Adams Sport Tek Jockstrap. Made with an innovative cotton punch-hole fabric that’s engineered for comfort, wicks moisture and provides welcome air-conditioning when it’s steaming hot outside. Even better: The pouch is very generous, it’s contoured and the fabric has a four-way stretch so this jock can handle even those big guys with big packages. Need proof? They’re modeled by our huge in every way model Simon and you can see exactly what he’s packing in some of our recent full-frontal additions at the Jockstrap Central website.

Here’s the details:

As mentioned, Sport Tek by Jack Adams has a generously cut contoured pouch in a stunning soft sports mesh edged with white piping for a sporty and super stylish look. A unique one and one quarter inch wide black and white striped elastic is not only the waistband but also the leg straps. The thicker leg straps and the easy-stretch elastic prevent the waistband and leg-straps from cutting in causing love handles or indentations below the ass cheeks – always a good thing!

Finally, a Jack Adams label sits front and center on the waistband along with the small Jack Adams @ logo on a tab suspended from the waistband on one side.

If you’re looking for an affordable, top drawer, wear all day sporty looking fashion jock, one that won’t cramp your style (or your junk) then this is it.


Jack Adams Punter and Racer Jockstraps featuring Brandon

Jack Adams Punter and Racer Jockstraps

Hit after hit, they keep on coming from Jack Adams. First Jockstrap Central brought in the best-selling classic inspired Old School 2.5 Jockstraps, then the sporty Athletic Jockstraps, then the Air Mesh Gym Shorts (already sold out in many sizes in a few colors) and now we’ve just launched two new jockstrap styles: The very revealing Jack Adams Punter Bodyflex Jockstrap and the stylish sport fetish Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap and they’re both pretty affordable. Here’s the details:

JACK ADAMS PUNTER BODYFLEX JOCKSTRAP (in either aqua-blue and black or red and black)

Live on the edge with this sexy new jock from Jack Adams with it’s streamlined pouch that features an opening at the top that swoops down dangerously low with the potential to expose the top of your shaft. Of course, what’s the point of having a hole without taking advantage it? All you exhibitionists (you know who you are) will have your erect dicks poking out of it in no time.

Made with Jack Adams’ awesome lightweight mesh which although isn’t very see-through, it looks great and feels awesome and between the scoop and the mesh, you won’t be suffering from SBS, also known as sweaty balls syndrome (it’s a thing!) The solid color pouch is edged with black piping as is the scoop adding a stylish touch.

JACK ADAMS RACER JOCKSTRAP (in black and white, black and gold or black and red)

This Racer Jockstrap is versatile. The mesh, sports stripes and clean lines will look good at any gym but grab your favorite combat boots and shin high sport socks then slip on this jock with its fetish forward colors and you’re set for any fetish party.

The pouch is constructed with Jack Adams’ awesome lightweight micro-mesh in black – it looks great and feels awesome. Also made with the same mesh, the two contrasting vertical stripes say sports whereas the color choices say fetish.

Both styles include some of the best comfort stretch waistbands and leg straps you’ll ever encounter but words can only describe so much. Check out our photo below but visit Jockstrap Central to see our hunky model Brandon (welcome back!) putting them all through their paces.


Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap

Jack Adams Punter Bodyflex Jockstrap

Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap

Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap

Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap

Jack Adams Punter Bodyflex Jockstrap

Jack Adams Punter Bodyflex Jockstrap

Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap

Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap

Raw Studio Polka Mesh Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central

Raw Studio Polka Mesh Jockstraps


Jockstrap Central exclusive Raw Studio is back with an all new collection. This time around the Studio is playing around with a very cool black ultra-fine sheer mesh fabric that’s deliciously see-through and interlaced with micro polka-dots, adding a bit of stylish sophistication yet still allowing everyone to see the goods they cradle

Go full on exposure with the full mesh pouch or partial exposure with the more subtle half n’ half solid versus mesh pouch. No matter which one you choose, all fabrics are four-way stretch to ensure these jocks fit to perfection.

As with all Raw Studio gear, these jocks are exclusive to Jockstrap Central, hand crafted, well made and inexpensive. Be sure to visit our website to see our definitely not shy latest model Mick putting all the new Raw Studio gear through it’s paces. Even with the subtle jock, Mick just couldn’t help putting on a show.


7 New Outrageous NSFW Ball Lifters and Mesh Jockstraps from Raw Studio

Raw Studio Mesh Jockstraps and Ball Lifters

Raw Studio Mesh Jockstraps and Ball Lifters


Still exclusive to Jockstrap Central, Toronto designer Raw Studio is back with seven new, totally unique, undeniably sexy, completely affordable and totally outrageous new designs. We’re calling it the second coming. Here’s the details:


The concept is simple but the look is hot and the effect is awesome. It’s a single piece of Raw Studio’s signature one and a quarter inch two-toned comfort elastic that runs around your waist and drops down in the front to wrap around (and lift) your balls. It not only looks great but it feels great lifting up and pushing out your package as any good ball lifter should.


Most ball lifters are pretty utilitarian but not this one. Sure, the Baller does it’s job by getting your boys riding high and pushed out for maximum bulging but it’s also loaded with style: A two-toned comfort elastic is not only the waistband but also what scoops down around and under your balls with a black shine fabric panel at top of the opening to set it all off. This is one good looking piece of gear that bridges the gap between ball-lifter and display suit.


Sure, Raw Studio’s Mesh Jockstrap is loaded with sophisticated style, but with it’s ultra fine mesh pouch, it’s also a very revealing jock, perfect for the exhibitionist in you. We’ve got them in either black or white.


The Stripe Jockstrap is essentially the Raw Studio Mesh Jockstrap above but with a little extra: a center three quarter inch stripe in a shiny white fabric down the center of the pouch. Although it partially hides what lies beneath, don’t think this jock isn’t see-through, all is revealed on either side of the stripe. Again, it comes in either black or white versions.


Sure it’s great to show off what’s you’ve got but once in a while you need a little modesty – the Raw Studio Mesh Pinstripe Jockstrap is perfect for that occasion. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still a sheer jock but the pin striping acts as a bit of camouflage. With a little eye strain you can still see what’s going on beneath but quite frankly, if someone IS gawking at your crotch long and hard enough to see what’s going on then they’re probably pretty OK with it.


As they say, a picture paints a thousand words so for an even better idea of what these new Raw Studio creations are all about, check out the website to see the totally uncensored photos our models Ryan Russell and Spence in all the new gear.


New Pistol Pete Mesh Jockstrap featuring Spence

Pistol Pete Mesh Avalon and Chevron Jocks

Pistol Pete Mesh Avalon and Chevron Jocks


We’ve got not one, but two new mesh Pistol Pete jockstraps in three color variations each for a total of six new jocks. Here’s the details:

Pistol Pete Avalon Jock

This low rise, streamlined jock is sexy and unique with it’s striped pouch. Unique because the stripes are created by perforating the fabric making the jockstrap partially see-through and undeniably sexy. It’s one of those mesh jocks that will have eyes straining to see what’s beneath as it is revealing yet doesn’t give away the works. They’ll have to work a little bit harder for that!

Pistol Pete Chevron Jock

Pistol Pete’s latest hi-tech sports mesh jockstrap is loaded with flavor: The pouch fabric is perforated and is not only slightly see-through but provides welcome ventilation. A contoured pouch design ensures comfort. A contrasting “V” or chevron plus contrasting edging hits home the space age design.

Both the Avalon and Chevron jocks include one and one quarter inch wide sturdy comfort waistband woven with unique detailing complimentary to each design.

Be sure to check out Jockstrap Central to see our returning model Spence in all six of the new jocks – this is the first time he’s done mesh!


What a Deal! $10 and $14 Jockstraps

Blue Line Jockstraps


Sleek and stealthy, sheer and sexy and insanely inexpensive – Blue Line Jocks are here. Whether it’s the Pro-Mesh collection of super soft and see-through jocks (only $10 each,) the Low-Profile Jock ($10) or the unique sports inspired Performance Jocks (only $14), these jockstraps are sexy, fun and definitely won’t break the bank. But just because they’re inexpensive, don’t think they’re cheaply made. Here’s more details:

Blue Line Pro-Mesh Jockstrap

This collection of mesh jocks include a plain black, a camouflage and a leopard print. They not only look awesome but the fabric is sheer, has a four-way stretch and is silky soft – very important when it’s cradling your package. While the camouflage and leopard versions are see-through, the pattern will make you work a bit harder at seeing what lies beneath (there’s a reward for your effort none-the-less) but the black one is totally see-through leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Blue Line Low-Profile Jockstrap

Of all the jocks, this may be the simplest, but don’t dismiss it – this is one awesome looking jock that is perfect as everyday underwear that when worn will make you feel like a million bucks, even if it only cost you $10!

With it’s slinky black pouch and fabric wrapped elastic waistband, it not only looks good but feels great.

Blue Line Performance Jockstrap

There’s simply nothing else out there like this totally unique jock. Upon first glance, this jockstrap looks like a classic sports jock with it’s masculine 3 inch wide elastic waistband complete with sport striping and centered info label front and center (think classic Bike or Flarico) but what makes this jockstrap so unique is the pouch: It’s generously cut and made from a slinky microfiber with a huge amount of stretch so endowed guys will love them.

Keep in mind that although the waistband and straps are sturdy, because of the slinky pouch, you won’t get the support of a sports jock, but what you do get is a masculine styled jock that treats your boys right.


Be sure to check out Jockstrap Central for even more details and to see our totally uncensored photos of our model Josh putting all the new jockstraps through their paces.