I’ve always liked Lily Allen, both her and her music, but like has now turned to love with her latest single – Fuck You. It couldn’t be more timely with all the hateful things being said in America right now brought on by the fight for Gay Marriage. Just Google it and you’ll see comment after comment on blogs and news sites with some of the most hateful bigoted and shameful spoutings from religious fanatics (guess they forgot about the Love/respect thy neighbor part of their Bible teachings.) While Lily Allen apparently directed this towards the BNP in the UK, it’s pretty clear that she supports Gay rights.

Anyway, Lily’s Allen’s official video is first, and then another from a brilliant YouTuber named Stevie Bee Bishop: http://youtube.com/steviedidit who organized other youtubers into submitting videos lip syncing to Lily Allen’s song and then compiled it into a new video. Here’s what Stevie has to say about it:

“Theres a disgusting amount of hate on the internet (especially on youtube!) directed at minority groups (especially the LGBT community) so i was inspired to organize this collab video. i never set out to change the world. i did not make this for the gay haters to see. i wanted to make something light hearted and funny for the victims of gay hate, to teach them to brush off the hate and stand strong and confident as who they are. you’re not alone! stevie loves you :)”

Stevie should get an award for his (brilliant) effort:

I also want to mention that I’m Canadian, and our fight for gay marriage is long over, we’ve had equal marriage rights for over 5 years now, and nothing has changed. Canada didn’t implode. However, I love my Americans neighbors and it’s breaking my heart to see this fight play out right now.



In Toronto this weekend? Looking to see some hot Guys in Jockstrap Central jockstraps? Then maybe you should pay a visit to Alibi at 529 Yonge Street!

Alibi in conjunction with Jockstrap Central, the Toronto Gay Hockey League and the Cabbagetown Group Softball League are helping to celebrate the second anniversary of Alibi with a “Live Jockstrap Auction”.

Fifteen volunteers from both leagues will be wearing a selection of jockstraps generously provided by Jockstrap Central for the earlier part of the evening, then later, when they’ve got just that right amount of man musk, they’re going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder to raise funds for both of the sports leagues!


Can’t make it to Alibi on Friday, make sure to stop by on Saturday night. Dance floor sensation Simone Denny will be performing her hit “You’re A Superstar” live!



HAPPY 2008!

happy new year

Adrian and myself (John) would like to wish everyone a wonderful 2008. Heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who have supported our websites and projects over the past few years. We’ve got lots of ideas and plans for the new year for all our sites which include our second annual “Show us your jockstrap” contest starting in February. I mention the contest as a heads-up to get those jockstraps and cameras out. We’re looking for creativity this year and we’re changing up the voting rules as well to ensure a more fair contest.

Although many of you realize it, many don’t know we’re now a family of websites and blogs. We do our best to keep them all updated regularly, but it’s impossible to update all the blogs daily, so if you visit one and don’t find an update, then try visiting our other ones. Although you will find links all over the place to our various sites, here’s a convenient list so you can visit them (and bookmark them!)

Jockstrap Central is our jockstrap and underwear store. We now carry over 100 styles of jockstraps and now include select styles of underwear, t-shirts, shorts and accessories:

Jockstrapping.com is our jockstrap blog and place for us to explore the erotic side of jockstraps. Although Jockstrap Central is sexy, there are limits to how naughty we can take it, so Jockstrapping.com let’s us let it all hang out (so to speak):

USG-online.com is the site that started it all. With an obsession for underwear and a passion for collecting it, I created a list of bookmarks of places to buy underwear online. This quickly blossomed into a full-on underwear community website. In case you’re wondering, USG stands for Underwear Swimwear Guide:

Un-der-wear.com is the sister site to USG-online and although the boundary between the two sites is blurred these days, originally I needed a second site for the fetish side of my underwear fascination because many companies I dealt with didn’t want to be associated with anything adult:

Un-der-where? Blog was our first blog and is one of two underwear blogs we run and tends to be more PG. Sure it focuses on men in underwear and man eye candy but we also try to cover seelct industry news, art, photography and anything else underwear related:

Un-der-who? Blog is our sister blog to Un-der-where? and yes it’s a silly name but it’s the adult side of men’s underwear and included xtube videos and underwear sightings on gay porn sites and we’re not afraid to show a bit of cock. (wink!):

MustBeGay is an older site that has been completely be “recharged” as a blog. Although is used to be a directory of gay websites (and the directory is still there), it is now a blog that covers anything we feel is interesting and gay. The directory part of the site is in need of a complete overhaul and will be one of the first projects for 2008:

So…go check them out!

All the best,

Adrian and John (partners in business and life)


While keeping an eye on the local (Provincial) election coverage, provided by Canada’s leading (in my opinion) newspaper the Globe and Mail website, we found this new video from Jeanne Phillips – better known to North Americans as “Dear Abby”. In it she states that she, and her family are “very inclusive”, and that her family has “never been homophobic.”

Click the picture to watch the video, it will open in a new window, unfortunately there is a short commercial before it – one of the minor foibles of free web hosted content!


A person once wrote to Dear Abbey and said:
“A gay couple moved into the house directly across the street from me. What can I do to improve the quality of my neighborhood?”

Abbey replied:

If only we could get her to talk to the President of Iran!!!


Welcome to the MustBeGay Blog!

Hot guys in jockstraps

For those of you familiar with MustBeGay, don’t worry, our gaysite directory and gay site galleries and reviews are still here – just click the pink buttons to the right. But times are changing, and It’s about time we breath new life into MustBeGay.

Following the tradition of our other blogs, Un-der-where?, Un-der-who?, and Jockstrapping.com, MustBeGay is about to become a site worth bookmarking again. Within the theme of the original MustBeGay, the blog is going to be covering the gay universe from porn stars, photos and videos of hot men, tv shows and anything gay we find worth mentioning. With myself and my partner Adrian updating the blog, you’ll find two distinct points of view (and tastes in men) so we have it all covered.