identical male twins

There’s just something about twins that I (am I’m sure most of the world) just find completely alluring – especially when they’re as good looking as Carl and Greg over on Bukbuddies. I wonder if others are like me, with extreme curiosity about their sexuality. I mean, I know Carl and Greg are straight, but my gut just tells me that they must have fooled around or at least experimented with each other as they were going through puberty. I know they were paid by Bukbuddies to do the shoot together and although they don’t actually jerk off together, there are moments when they’re both completely naked and one lying on the other, and there’s this unbelievable comfort level that makes you just know they’ve experienced and learned so much from each other.

naked twins

Regardless if my hunch is true or not, they are beautiful and I can’t get enough of these two. Luckily, either can Bukbuddies so there’s 10 or so photoshoots with the twins and also some pretty amazing solo shoots as well.

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