100 Nude Shoots (and a really hot guy)

hugo 1000 nude shoots

hugo 1000 nude shootsWow! What a cool guy and what a wonderful project. Meet Hugo, he’s an actor, performer and professional model based in São Paulo, Brazil. 100 NUDE Shoots (of Hugo) is a photographic project where he’s in the process of being portrayed in 100 nude photoshoots by 100 different artists with their own unique concepts, views and interpretations of nudity. He’s already made a big dent on that magic 100 figure and it’s interesting to see each artists take.

As for Hugo, what a beautiful stunning man with a beautiful body and impressive dick, I couldn’t imagine a better specimen for this project.

hugo 1000 nude shoots

These photos are a sampling from just one of the photographers, Colbata – the nickname of an Italian photographer who prefers to keep work and leisure in separate identities. Joining Hugo was another beautiful man named Rod.

Be sure to visit 1000 Nude Shoots not only to see the rest of Colbata’s photos of Hugo, but to see the other 18 shoots online so far.

hugo 1000 nude shoots


NUDUS Magazine by Photography André Carlos

Nudus Magazine from André Carlos on Vimeo.

Most of the information is in Portuguese so I”m not 100% sure of this information:, What I do know from the teaser video and André Carlos’s Instagram is that he’s a brilliant photographer shooting some of the most beautiful men in Brazil. The video is a promo and is very sexy itself but it’s advertising André’s series of books – there’s 10 of them so far. The books feature his photography and nude models and seem to be an incredible deal. The cost is only R$ 21.908 for each issue which is just over $6 USD for a book of 60 pages of photography.

Click here for more information about Nudus Magazine.

This is one way to sell a handbag

Naked Runway Models

So, you’re a handbag designer so what do you do to get them noticed? First you send them out on the runway being carried by men and if that alone weren’t enough, you strip them of their clothes. I think it’s brilliant, there’s no mistaking what is being promoted and you’ve made it interesting for those not interested in a handbag. It’s a win win situation.

Enjoy the view:

Naked Fashion Runway Show from BodyAware on Vimeo.

The Naked Puppeteer

The Naked Puppeteer

The Naked Puppeteer

The Naked Puppetter

If you’re every wondering what puppeteers are wearing behind the stage, then wonder no longer. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Puppeteer. I’m sure from now on you’ll be trying to get a backstage, all access pass.

Vimeo wouldn’t let me embed the video so here’s a few screen grabs. Click either of them or the big link below to watch the cute puppeteer working his magic.