handsome naked men

I was going to do a typical adult website post for PerfectGuyz on one of their multitude of perfectly stunning handsome naked men, but after going through their hundreds of photosets, I started to see a cool trend. Their incredible photographer always seems to throw in a few artistic back lit shots in each photoshoot which quickly became my favorite shots.

handsome naked men

I will say that I’m really impressed with the quality of the PerfectGuyz guys. They have an amazing track record for getting only the most handsome refined guys – the type that you’d expect in an Abercrombie ad or a Herb Ritz photograph. A lot of sites seem to settle for models, as I imagine it’s a struggle to find new models every single week, let alone good models all the time. I have a feeling PerfectGuyz pay well which gives them a better roster of models to choose from. Regardless, their site name says it all – these guys are stunners.

So, back to this post – these are just a few of the back lit shots that I found to be really beautiful and artistic. Hope you like them too. There’s a lot of photos, so be sure to click the “continue” link for the rest of the the post (and more photos)

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