naked twins

I’m sure I’m not the only one fascinated with identical twins, in fact I’m pretty sure most people are. I’m actually pretty sure that most gay men will immediately wonder and fantasize about the possibilities of fooling around with the closest thing to yourself – your identical twin brother. Sean Cody has managed to not only find male identical twins, but ones that are unbelievably cute, straight but willing to jerk off together.

identical twins john and jeff jerk off together

John and Jeff are technically identical twins, but in fact they’re not quite. The obvious difference is their hairstyles (jeff has got the longer hair) but the other differences is one is left handed and the other right handed, plus their jeff’s dick is larger than john’s.

Here’s what Sean Cody has to say about them:

“They both identify as straight and say they haven’t done anything sexual together (yet). But they have discussed it. I think that John is the more curious of the two. I caught him sneaking quite a few glances at his brother while they were getting themselves off!”

….so I’m crossing my fingers. Sean has an incredible talent for getting straight guys to explore their curiosity and I’m sure hoping he’ll work with John and Jeff more.

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