The Jockstrap Company

The Jockstrap Company

Confused. Don’t be. There’s a new jockstrap shop in town and if you think it looks very familiar you’d be right.

Think of The Jockstrap Company as Jockstrap Central’s innocent little brother.

As you all know, since it’s inception 12 years ago, Jockstrap Central took a deliberate overtly sexual approach to selling jockstraps (and eventually much more). During those many years we garnered plenty of praise and countless loyal customers and fans who appreciate what we do and the effort we put into our product photography. However, as (conservative) social media like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest etc… has become entrenched in our lives (for good or for bad) and considering Jockstrap Central is just a bit too in-your-face for most of them we decided to do something.

I’ve been sitting on the domain for years so it only made sense to use it to create a kinder, more gentle jockstrap store, one that I can use to reach customers through the above mentioned services.

Essentially, The Jockstrap Company is Jockstrap Central without any nudity, mesh or erotic products.

Don’t worry, Jockstrap Central is not going away and will always be our #1 website and main focus and any new customers to will be offered incentive to upgrade to our full-fledged full-on jockstrap store, Jockstrap Central.

I’m only mentioning The Jockstrap Company here as I’m sure some of you will eventually stumble across it and go…. “what the fuck?” And those close to me will email me to let me know that someone copied our website but omitted all the good stuff.

So there you go. If you want to see it: