A Man’s Best Friend: The Penis

An interested video of guys talking about their best buddy…. their penis. In french but a beautiful collection of unique and varied penises. Shame I can’t understand the dialog, but here’s the video description translated by Google: “The penis has a central place in the life of a man, but this is an unusual topic in daily conversations. That does not stop some brave talk candidly of their penis, and even to undress on camera. Penis size, erection, intercourse, masturbation, performance, they land generously and shamelessly all aspects of the close relationship they have with their closest friend.”

Mise à nu : Le pénis – Bande-annonce from Groupe Pimiento on Vimeo.


Male Model Brolly Davis in  White Briefs

Was cruising around Paragon Men and although there’s always tons of hot guys to drool over, when I saw Brolly Davis in his white briefs, I had to see more. OMG! I wasn’t disappointed. This guys not only has a phenomenal body but the dude is packing. If that thing hit you in the face, it would hurt (a risk I’d be completely willing to take!)

Male Model Brolly Davis in  White Briefs

I could go on, but one of the highlights of Paragon is their witty writing. I can’t imagine what I’d say that would be funnier than this quote about Brolly from their site:

“Brolly is prolly smart, but who cares? He’s a tall as model with hairy long legs that lead to a juicy tubesteak (aka the Brolly-dog) which once (accidentally?) shot a wad in some chick’s eye. She stood up, screamed, and ran into a wall. So yeah, he’s single.”

Male Model Brolly Davis in Nothing but a Wife Beater

Male Model Brolly Davis nude

Male Model Brolly Davis nude

The best thing about Paragon Men is the vast amount of content they give you for free including lot of photos of their models in underwear. They have extensive, albeit G-rated, photos of each and ever model available to everyone ( if you have a thing for mens underwear, then you’re going to love this site,) but it’s in the members section that it really gets interesting – not only to the models shed their underwear and you get to see the full monty but you’ll also find videos of the photoshoots. Not all the guys get buck naked, but so often even the shy guy end up showing off their family jewels by accident during the videos. The whole “tease” works and if you’re not ready to blow after gazing a few of these hot guys then you may want to check your pulse!



hot british guy with dildo

Although I love most of UKNakedmen‘s models, Darren has got to be my favorite. I just love his rugged good looks and bad boy smirk. I’ve posted a photo set of Darren in a kilt earlier, but now he’s in one of the hottest videos I’ve seen on UKNakedMen. With a dirty white tank and equally filthy jeans, Darren’s a mechanic this time around, and whether or not it’s his true professions, he’s completely convincing. He’s tired from a hard days work and sets himself down on a pile of old tires (that Tyres for you British guys!) and starts to relieve some of his work stress by jerking off. Conveniently, he’s brought along a dildo to help him along.

hot british guy with dildo

So he’s stripped off and sitting on the tires and his uncut cock is rock hard when he grabs that thick dildo and starts to really work his ass with that toy. Now Darren is dirty in more ways than one. He’s got no lube, so spit will have to do, and boy does he spit lube it well. Plunging that thick dildo in and out, his spit along with his ass juices have collected around his hole forming a creamy substance that de-li-cious! It’s obvious Darren thinks so too, as he pulls the dildo out and shoves it in his mouth good and deep and then it’s back into his hole once more. He repeats this process 3 or 4 more times until he’s ready to explode (which they capture from two different camera angles for your enjoyment!)

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