Good to the Last First Drop

Adam Stray PPU Precum

Our next installment of Good to the Last First drop where we admire the beauty of precum in close-up. This time around, it’s one of our own photos (in case you haven’t figured it out, we own Jockstrap Central) and the photo is of our model Adam Stray during one of our photo shoots and I guess he got turned on while wearing the PPU XXXPosure Jockstraps that a bead of precum appeared on his dick, which we happily caught on camera to preserved for eternity. How could we not?

Friday Lunch Break: NoriBoi in Green (Video

NoriBoi Video

Join me in a Friday Lunch Soiree with this stunning sexy and artistic video by NoriBoi. Although the model is unknown he is greatly appreciated for his handsome face, dreamy eyes and practically perfect dick – it’s aesthetically pleasing with an uncut dick backdropped by a wonderful set of hanging balls.

As for NoriBoi who also goes by NRBii, as far as I can tell he’s a videographer/photographer but there’s no info on his Vimeo page or the NoriBoi Tumblr, but be sure to check out both for lots more videos and photos of other beautiful men.

NRBii 000 from Nori Boii on Vimeo.

Crushing on Alexander (Video)

10. Alexander from on Vimeo.

I’m addicted to a website called Nothing Sacred and completely agree with and appreciate their mission statement: “To fill the world with beautiful pictures, celebrate men loving men and work toward normalizing nudity. In particular, my favorite part is the 2016 Urban Male series of videos where Nothing Sacred has documented guys naked and talking about their tattoos and bodies. The guys are all sizes, shapes, ethnicity and they’re all beautiful in my eyes but if I had to pick one, it’s Alexander. He’s ridiculously sexy and charming and I love his uncut cock (a subject covered in the video). Here’s his video but after watching be sure to check out all the others.

You can view the videos through the Nothing Sacred website but it’s more convenient to watch them through their Vimeo Channel.


A Man’s Best Friend: The Penis

An interested video of guys talking about their best buddy…. their penis. In french but a beautiful collection of unique and varied penises. Shame I can’t understand the dialog, but here’s the video description translated by Google: “The penis has a central place in the life of a man, but this is an unusual topic in daily conversations. That does not stop some brave talk candidly of their penis, and even to undress on camera. Penis size, erection, intercourse, masturbation, performance, they land generously and shamelessly all aspects of the close relationship they have with their closest friend.”

Mise à nu : Le pénis – Bande-annonce from Groupe Pimiento on Vimeo.

Beefy and Burly – Fabio Stallone

Hairy Italian Fabio Stallone

Fabio Stallone, I’m assuming no relation to Sylvester (although he’s kind of ruggedly hot as well) is one of the latest hairy uncut guys to appear on Butch Dixon. He’s this big and beefy (refers to his stature and uncut dick) that is so freakn’ hot. Despite being a UK site, Fabio is an American Italian so being in Canada so my chances of hooking up with Fabio just grew exponentially! Here’s what Butch Dixon has to say:

“Nobody grows foreskins like the Italians, add Fabio Stallone’s raw, beefy, hairy sex appeal and you know you’re in for a hell of a ride with this stud. Thats a big muscular arse he’s got to bang that dick in. A whole horny package of masculine horn. YUM!”

There’s more photo and hardcore video of Fabio over at Butch Dixon, the sister brother site to UKNakedMen. Almost 10 years online and updating mutliple times a week, that’s a shit load of gay porn to digest. Maybe plan to take a few weeks off work.

Hairy Italian Fabio Stallone

Hairy Italian Fabio Stallone

Hairy Italian Fabio Stallone

Hairy Italian Fabio Stallone

Hairy Italian Fabio Stallone



hairy uncut guy

It’s no secret that I have a weakness for hairy guys and foreskins, so it should come as no surprise that Ulysee, with his beautiful hairy body, dark skin, hefty dick with foreskin intact and his melting puppy dog eyes would grace the pages of MustBeGay.

And if you, like me, are completely gaga over this handsome guy, then you’ll be pleased to know that he’s practically a star over on Butch Dixon, appearing in 6 photosets and a really hot duo video sucking off one of my other favorite Butch Dixon models – Christian.

hairy uncut guy

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