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dance naked

Dancing naked, especially in public view has to be one of the ultimate acts of self expression that leaves you empowered, and while I have complete respect for the guys in the videos here, sometimes you also have to appreciate the humor in such dancing – each person brings their own idea of what dancing is – some have rhythm, some don’t. Some appear awkward, some self confident and sure of themselves. Some do the traditional strip tease, and others, lets just say, are a bit more creative! Keep an open mind, don’t worry about laughing, but mostly appreciate that these guys are having fun, feeling sexy and most likely feeling pretty damn good about themselves.

Don’t forget – there’s a comment system with the blog, so let us know – Do you like to dance naked? Have you danced naked in public? Bars? For your partner? On camera? inquiring minds want to know! Click the comment link at the end of the post to comment.

***NOTE*** I’m not even going to bother to embed the videos – Xtube is flaky, but it’s also pretty messy and takes forever if you had to wait for all these embedded videos to load on the page – so… Each screencap links directly to the video on Xtube. Just click the photos and the video will open in another window. Enjoy the dancing (and the VERY varied music)

dancing naked


male strip tease

men dancing naked

amateur strip tease

dancing naked

dancing naked

dancing naked

dancing naked

DON’T FORGET – Click the photos to view the videos and don’t forget to comment (click the link) below:


  1. Liam
    February 7, 2014 at 5:26 am

    Nice hard, like to get a hold of it.

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