So I got an e mail this morning from the George Michael Fan Club – no comments please – seems good old George is going to do a North American Tour, with 25 dates in 25 Cities, thankfully Toronto (my home town of 22 years) is on that list, YAY!!!! I may not be first in line, but you can bet this is one concert we’re not going to miss. I guess ticket prices have yet to be set, however I paid $550 (X2) to see Barbra last year, hopefully the tickets will be sightly cheaper.

george michael tour.jpg

Of course when I sit at the computer I find one link leads to another and I end up finding this video posted on youtube, it’s taken from the British TV show Extras, a
Ricky Gervais Produced show (he also brought us The Office). Watch the whole thing, it’s just George doing what he does best….


So, you like internet dating? Well maybe you should watch this short movie from US filmmaker David M. Young. As a brief plot summary and not wanting to ruin the suspense by telling too much, Al and Fred hook up for a little casual fun that soon turns ugly, revealing some fateful truths about Internet-dating, love and death.

The movie itself only lasts 8 minutes with a huge cast of three, two main characters played by Yuval David and David Grant Beck with a cameo appearance by an unnamed actor at the end.

Yuval David


Yuval David and David Grant Beck in the shower


Hope you enjoy the movie, puts a whole new twist on indiscriminate hook ups!!!



dance naked

Dancing naked, especially in public view has to be one of the ultimate acts of self expression that leaves you empowered, and while I have complete respect for the guys in the videos here, sometimes you also have to appreciate the humor in such dancing – each person brings their own idea of what dancing is – some have rhythm, some don’t. Some appear awkward, some self confident and sure of themselves. Some do the traditional strip tease, and others, lets just say, are a bit more creative! Keep an open mind, don’t worry about laughing, but mostly appreciate that these guys are having fun, feeling sexy and most likely feeling pretty damn good about themselves.

Don’t forget – there’s a comment system with the blog, so let us know – Do you like to dance naked? Have you danced naked in public? Bars? For your partner? On camera? inquiring minds want to know! Click the comment link at the end of the post to comment.

***NOTE*** I’m not even going to bother to embed the videos – Xtube is flaky, but it’s also pretty messy and takes forever if you had to wait for all these embedded videos to load on the page – so… Each screencap links directly to the video on Xtube. Just click the photos and the video will open in another window. Enjoy the dancing (and the VERY varied music)

dancing naked


male strip tease

men dancing naked

amateur strip tease

dancing naked

dancing naked

dancing naked

dancing naked

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So many of our straight friends just don’t get the whole gaydar thing, and I guess I understand their confusion. We’re just trained to notice certain subtle traits which are dead give aways like the way a guy walks (swish), or the way he dresses or even the way he talks. Then there’s the not so subtle that even language barriers can’t hide…

I certainly hope my straight friends could figure this one out!


We found this commercial browsing on youtube the other day and just had to post it here.

It is for Donna a Radio station out of Belgium, we can’t figure out if it’s a Gay radio station – however I do have a friend in Belgium who I’ve e mailed about it, so watch out for an update.

If anyone else knows anything about this Station please feel free to post a comment about it.



Every time I’m in New York and in Chelsea I always see the Naked Boys Singing sign and think about going, but I’m usually only there for a few days and there’s always some big new huge Broadways shows that end up swallowing my time. Well, luckily for me, Naked Boys Singing have released a movie and that movie is now coming out on DVD. I’ve ordered my copy, but thought I’d let you all know about it.

The premise is pretty simple – a bunch of really talented gay men singing and dancing….in the buff. Sounds corny? Well it is, but it’s also really amazing. In fact, the best way to describe it is from their website:

NAKED BOYS is a traditional musical revue, in the vein of Vaudeville and high-camp American musical theater. Its only point is to celebrate the splendors of male nudity in comedy, song and dance. Musical numbers range from the screamingly funny (like our sassy opening number “Gratuitous Nudity” or the circumcision-based “Bliss of a Bris”) to poignant and moving numbers. There are 15 songs in NAKED BOYS – making this 65-minute tribute to the human male, fly by in a rage of laughter and nudity! Come and see it for yourself – you’ll have a great time!”

click the continue link below to watch videos from the show:

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One of the many benefits of living in a large City is that Great events and shows come to you. Right now visiting our City (Toronto) is Cirque Du Soleil with their new show “Kooza.”

We had the good fortune to see this show on opening night (August 9th) with 5 members of my Family who were visiting from England. This event proved to be a fitting Grande Finale to their visit. Being their last night, what better send off could you possibly have!

For those of you not acquainted with Cirque Du Soleil (Circus of the Sun) a brief description may be in order. While it may be called a Circus, there are no animals! Only Humans, if you can call someone who can double over – BACKWARDS – human. The show is two hours of pure eye candy, from the muscled toned acrobats, to the fantastic custom made costumes for each and every performer the shows are a feast for the senses. One word of warning – you may end up catching flies due to the fact that your mouth will be open for 99% of the performance!

Following is a promo for this show Kooza, now on a North American Tour. Don’t feel left out if you don’t live in North America, there are other Cirque shows circling the globe, from Brazil to Japan and Australia. Once you’ve seen one show, it will become your ambition to see them all!

Enjoy the clip.

Unfortunately Kooza is not yet available on DVD, however many of their other performances are. Check out “La Nouba“. Unless you intend to travel to Orlando, Florida, seeing it on DVD is going to be your only option.

This next track is from La Nouba and is the “Fast Track”, trampolining taken to a new level. My only comment is that seeing them on youtube is okay, seeing them on DVD in your own home is great….seeing them live is out of this world!

If you enjoy this clip and live in the US or Canada, click here to order yours from Amazon “La Nouba US/Canada

To order your copy if you live in Europe, the Middle East or South Africa, click here “La Nouba EU, ME, SA

On a closing note, I’m going to see Kooza again tomorrow night! Don’t get jealous – get tickets!

Check out the official website to see when and where Cirque du Soleil will be appearing!


Here we go with another clip from my favorite Brit Com “Little Britain”. This clip again featuring Daffyd – the only Gay in the village – has been granted an interview with Elton John, yes the real Elton John.

Filmed to raise funds for Red Nose Day an annual Comic Relief fund raiser in the UK. They have now raised over £67 million ($133,546,186 US).


Watch the video after the jump.

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I’m not sure how many of our readers have ever heard of Little Britain – probably the BEST and funniest comedy to come out of England since Ab Fab!


The above photo is of one of the main characters “Daffyd” played by Matt Lucas wearing the outfit he wore for his stellar performance of “I’m Gay”. A song every Gay man can relate to! And at some stage should play it to their Mother…..or Father….or Daddy…

Daffyd sings after the jump!

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