Every time I’m in New York and in Chelsea I always see the Naked Boys Singing sign and think about going, but I’m usually only there for a few days and there’s always some big new huge Broadways shows that end up swallowing my time. Well, luckily for me, Naked Boys Singing have released a movie and that movie is now coming out on DVD. I’ve ordered my copy, but thought I’d let you all know about it.

The premise is pretty simple – a bunch of really talented gay men singing and dancing….in the buff. Sounds corny? Well it is, but it’s also really amazing. In fact, the best way to describe it is from their website:

NAKED BOYS is a traditional musical revue, in the vein of Vaudeville and high-camp American musical theater. Its only point is to celebrate the splendors of male nudity in comedy, song and dance. Musical numbers range from the screamingly funny (like our sassy opening number “Gratuitous Nudity” or the circumcision-based “Bliss of a Bris”) to poignant and moving numbers. There are 15 songs in NAKED BOYS – making this 65-minute tribute to the human male, fly by in a rage of laughter and nudity! Come and see it for yourself – you’ll have a great time!”

click the continue link below to watch videos from the show:

Just check out these promo videos. The first one is the g-rated one meant for mainstream public, and the second one gives a better idea of exactly what to expect.

Naked Boys Singing!

TLA video is offering 21% off right now if you pre-order a copy of the video, so what are you waiting for:


Here’s a big collage of the cast of Naked Boys Singing: