You have to love Brazil, not only for their beautiful people, stunning beaches and the magnificent countryside. We now find we love Brazilian TV, after all they have “Beija Sapo” (Kissing Toads). Produced for MTV Brazil, and hosted by Brazilian model Daniella Cicarelli pictured here with her boyfriend. Earlier this year the couple were in the news for (secretly) being filmed having sex in the shallow water at the beach!!!! More on this later.


The show “Kissing Toads” is the Brazilian version of the TV show “Blind Date”, the twist here is that once or twice a season they have a Gay edition. The lead participants called the Prince or Princess have to choose between three contestants who are completely dressed up in Toad outfits. The Prince/ss have to get to know the “Toads” through questioning them, the Toads friends and a song with lyrics penned by the Toads. The show ends with the selected Toad (revealing his/herself) and the Prince/ss kissing.

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Video originally uploaded by GayClic

Back to the steamy beach sex scene. Not much nudity, and perhaps a little too straight for this site, however, you even get to see a quick glimpse of his rather large appendage as he stands up to leave the water when they are done.

Apparently the video appeared on YouTube. Cicarelli and Malzoni filed suit against YouTube to have them remove it, they won!! However, it wasn’t removed fast enough and is now spread all over the web as you can see!

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