twink shoots a video of himself

YouLoveJack has got another cute skinny twink this week by the name of JT Sexton. According to YouloveJack:

“JT shoots his homemade video in his new basement bachelor pad. It’s his first apartment and what he’s lacking in furniture he makes up for in HOT! He fucks himself silly with a black vibrator before popping it out of his ass and dumping a load all over that fuck stick. Who could have imagined JT was such a dirty little twink?”

My personal favorite part of this homemade video is after he’s been plowing his ass non-stop with the dildo, just as he’s about to cum, he whips it out and cums all it and then proceeds to hold it up to the camera like it’s show and tell.

he cums all over his dildo

There’s lots more photos of JT after the jump…

this twink shoots his own video in his basement

he plows himself with his dildo

he cums all over his dildo

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