Sing, sing a song
Sing out loud
Sing out strong
Sing of Gay things, not bad…

Well enough of the Carpenters…Lets sing about being Glad to be Gay, Tom Robinson wrote this first song in 1976 for the London Gay Pride March in 1976. Recorded and released it on an EP in 1977, which of course was immediately banned by BBC Radio – a sure way to make it a hit!!!

Moving on to something a little more recent we have “Ok to be Gay” by Tomboy. Check out his website. It’s all in flash and not the easiest to navigate, but it does make an interesting read.

It really speaks volumes that from 1976 to today – 31 years later – that in some Countries it still isn’t “Ok to be Gay”. Thankfully I live in Canada and I can Marry my Partner the minute he asks me! (Hey J get the hint?)