Drasko Bogdanovic Male Erotic Photography

Raw, edgy, brash and sexually charged, Toronto photographer, Drasko Bogdanovic‘s work can be classified as intimate portraits allowing us a glimpse into personal, sometimes embarrassing (mostly for the viewer) moments of the subjects.

Here’s an excerpt from Drasko’s Biography on his website:

“Experience a world of the unspoken homoerotic. Male sex appeal, unvocalized desires, kink, perversion and all that is considered naughty, and not right, is Drasko Bogdanovic. Raised in Sarajevo during the Bosnian conflict, Drasko’s view of real world strife strongly influences his photographic view. His subjects are raw, a little filthy – the message is to the point. Inspired by film noir and German sexual proclivities, Drasko is credited with his ability to expose the raw, often-missed angles of sexuality.”

Drasko Bogdanovic Male Erotic Photography

Drasko Bogdanovic Male Erotic Photography

Besides his extensive portfolio on his website, Drasko also has a book titled Persuasion of Men. The best thing is that it’s completely viewable online. Check out the book here. Be sure to expand it to full screen! Here’s the intro:

“Persuasion of Men examines society’s view of male nudity and the uncomfortable fit between masculinity and beauty. Bogdanovic‘s intimate portraits depict men without focusing on sexual orientation. The images draw the viewer into a game of voyeur and exhibitionist filled with erotic charge and sexual tension, guaranteed to arouse. Presenting a natural attitude to nudity, Bogdanovic strives to illustrate curiosity and freedom towards the male form.”