Pistol Pete Maverick Jocks and Sport Jocks

Pistol Pete Maverick and Sport Jocks

Hot off the truck and onto Jockstrap Central’s shelves – it’s the all new Pistol Pete Maverick Jock and Sport Jock – both made of soft stretch ribbed cotton to cradle your boys for some some happy bulge making magic. Here’s the details

Sport Jock:

Be the envy of the locker room wearing what could only be described as edgy sport wear with a whole lot of style thrown in. With ribbed cotton and some nylon and spandex for extra form fitting and a striking contrasting center stitching, pouch edging and some sporty waistband racing stripes.

Maverick Jock:

Appropriately titled: Pistol Pete takes the traditional jockstrap design and adds an awesome, sexy, stylish yet unorthodox twist with leg straps that wrap around front meeting in a peak at the top of the pouch and finished off with 6 metal studs. Although the pouch fits and forms, a long and generous pouch means you can get excited without letting your beast escape.

The Maverick jock come in three great color combinations and the Sport Jock in two – all variations of white, black, red and yellow.

Check our Jockstrapping Blog in a bit for a hot photo set of our models Ken and Trent in the new Pistol Pete gear.