So, when did it happen? When did commercials start to come out of the closet? Was it when all those studies found that Gay people, supposedly, have much more disposable income that we could be ignored no longer. Was it when Gay people came out and (not so) subtly took over all the advertising agencies? Either way, mainstream Companies that have the sense to recognize that we are a major spending force, and represent over 10% of society, should be a “target market”. Take this commercial from AGF Mutual funds:

My belief, is that things that make people laugh, even if we are the target of the humor, could help to stop Homophobia. Less Homophobia, hopefully leads to less anti-gay violence.

Unfortunately some commercials never make it to air, however in time……Take this one from Guinness:

My favorite so far has to be this one from Levi’s, it was actually made in two versions, a gay and a straight one. In 1992, Levi Strauss & Co. became the first Fortune 500 company to extend full medical benefits to domestic partners of employees.

The straight version just has a woman in the phone booth instead of a man.

All I can say is if a Company is prepared to go up against the Religious and/or Conservative establishment, they will get my support!