Sexy Christmas Gift Idea

American Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now Christmas shopping has officially begun but if you want to avoid the whole black Friday and general Christmas shopping crowds, we’ve got a great idea for you. Why not give someone a jockstrap this Christmas? It’s the perfect sexy gift for either someone you love or someone you’re interested in. You can buy in online and have it shipped directly to him and avoid the shops altogether!

Although a jockstrap alone is a pretty cool gift, it gets even better, as you can choose to have your jockstrap gift wrapped. Jockstrap Central has these really sharp perforated metal tins that fit jockstraps and underwear perfectly. They wrap the jockstraps in black tissue paper, close the tin and tie it with a black silk ribbon around it and finish it with a bow. This is one classy gift that’s sure to make a lasting impression – and with any luck, you’ll get a personal viewing when he tries it on. It’s a win win situation!

Jockstrap Central now carries over 100 styles of jockstrap, from the conservative sports jocks to the outrageous see-through and fetish ones. They also sell underwear, gym wear, tshirts and accessories – all modeled by these really hot guys. Here’s a small sampling:

jockstraps for sport fashion and fetish

jockstraps for christmas

christmas gift ideas.jpg

jockstrap make great gifts.jpg

Jockstrap Central has jockstraps for every budget from 7 dollars and up from brands including Bike, SafeTGard, N2N Bodywear, Bodyworksmen, Colt, Kinkwear, JM, Go Softwear, Nasty Pig and Zakk and more. They are also one of the last places you can actually pick up a classic Bike #10 Jockstrap, as Bike has discontinued them.