Pump It Real Good! PUMP! Jockstraps are Here

PUMP! Jockstraps

Are you PUMP!ed? Whether it’s at the gym, the office, lounging at home or on a hot date you’re going to love wearing this new range of jockstraps from Canadian designer PUMP!. With their bold color combinations and striking design elements, these jocks are going to get you noticed. Don’t think it’s all style and no substance, not only are they good looking but they’re ultra-comfortable: They have super-plushed wide elasticated waistbands, some of the softest leg straps we’ve ever encountered and are completed with a luxury cotton pouch.

Here’s the details on the PUMP! Jocks:

There’s 6 amazing color combinations with the positive life affirming logo PUMP! front and center of the waistband. The pouch is a brushed aqua cotton with a hint of spandex for stretch and fit. The contoured pouch is accented with contrasting piping and the center stitching defines the bulge. Each jock includes a full two inch wide plushed waistband with woven and embossed large front and center PUMP! logo plus a smaller off-center one at the back complete with racing stripes. Finally, the leg straps are one inch wide and as we mentioned, incredibly soft.

As for the model, it’s our fan favorite Trent. You may notice his body is better than ever. That’s because he’s getting ready for a fitness competition next month. In fact you could probably say… he’s PUMPed.