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This week, YouLoveJack‘s got a fucktastic duo heading your way – here’s the synopsis Joey and Mike and their homemade gay porn:

“Joey met Mike a few nights before they shot this. Apparently Mike had seen Joey on the You Love Jack and asked him if they could do a video together. Joey took him for a test drive that night and rather liked it so he said yes. Little did he know what was in store…

Mike showed up for the shoot a little bit… Oh, how should I say this? HAMMERED. As in drunk as a skunk. Joey was a little bit pissed off but totally horny so he decided to fuck this twink again anyway. So he set up the camera and went to town.

Everything starts out fine… You can tell Mike is a little slow on the draw. But nothing too drastic. They start out kissing on the bed and the clothes come off and things start to heat up. When joey finally gets up to adjust the camera his 7″ boner is almost tearing a hole in his boxers…”

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Joey and Mike drunken homemade gay porn action

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