gay in Disney World

Ok, I admit it, I’m a Disney World fanatic. There I said it. Although I’m from Canada, I’ve managed to visit “The World” close to 20 times in my 40 years, and I love it as much now as I did as a kid. Luckily, my partner Adrian who would rather travel the real world then Disney’s was sport enough to go down there with me last year – and enjoyed it immensely. He enjoyed it enough, that I’m certain he’ll do it again (after we travel to Africa, thailand, and a few other more exotic locations) Two of the biggest fallacies about DisneyWorld is it’s just for kids and that it’s only a theme park – and neither are true. If you treat is as a first class resort that just happens to have 4 theme parks on property, then you may just change your opinion. But convincing people what they’re missing isn’t the point of this post… is.

gay disneyworld blog

Micoofy is a photo blog on DisneyWorld through a gay man’s eyes and camera. Sure there’s lots of sighting of hot guys around the Kingdom, but there’s also photo commentary about all sorts of Disney stuff that has a gay bent. There’s also videos and commentary throughout the blog and the quality of the photos is exceptional, and should convince any gay man to book a trip, and soon.

This is one of my favorite gay blogs out there – and yes, I’m biased.