HAPPY 2008!

happy new year

Adrian and myself (John) would like to wish everyone a wonderful 2008. Heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who have supported our websites and projects over the past few years. We’ve got lots of ideas and plans for the new year for all our sites which include our second annual “Show us your jockstrap” contest starting in February. I mention the contest as a heads-up to get those jockstraps and cameras out. We’re looking for creativity this year and we’re changing up the voting rules as well to ensure a more fair contest.

Although many of you realize it, many don’t know we’re now a family of websites and blogs. We do our best to keep them all updated regularly, but it’s impossible to update all the blogs daily, so if you visit one and don’t find an update, then try visiting our other ones. Although you will find links all over the place to our various sites, here’s a convenient list so you can visit them (and bookmark them!)

Jockstrap Central is our jockstrap and underwear store. We now carry over 100 styles of jockstraps and now include select styles of underwear, t-shirts, shorts and accessories:

Jockstrapping.com is our jockstrap blog and place for us to explore the erotic side of jockstraps. Although Jockstrap Central is sexy, there are limits to how naughty we can take it, so Jockstrapping.com let’s us let it all hang out (so to speak):

USG-online.com is the site that started it all. With an obsession for underwear and a passion for collecting it, I created a list of bookmarks of places to buy underwear online. This quickly blossomed into a full-on underwear community website. In case you’re wondering, USG stands for Underwear Swimwear Guide:

Un-der-wear.com is the sister site to USG-online and although the boundary between the two sites is blurred these days, originally I needed a second site for the fetish side of my underwear fascination because many companies I dealt with didn’t want to be associated with anything adult:

Un-der-where? Blog was our first blog and is one of two underwear blogs we run and tends to be more PG. Sure it focuses on men in underwear and man eye candy but we also try to cover seelct industry news, art, photography and anything else underwear related:

Un-der-who? Blog is our sister blog to Un-der-where? and yes it’s a silly name but it’s the adult side of men’s underwear and included xtube videos and underwear sightings on gay porn sites and we’re not afraid to show a bit of cock. (wink!):

MustBeGay is an older site that has been completely be “recharged” as a blog. Although is used to be a directory of gay websites (and the directory is still there), it is now a blog that covers anything we feel is interesting and gay. The directory part of the site is in need of a complete overhaul and will be one of the first projects for 2008:

So…go check them out!

All the best,

Adrian and John (partners in business and life)



Today, the owner of a blog asked for a link exchange on our other blog Un-der-who? so I clicked on over to check out Restoring Love and discovered a Gem. This multi-faceted website works on two levels. The first is the personal appeal for help for viewers to help save a gay relationship yet all around this couple counseling is also a wonderful blog full of insightful commentary, male eye candy, gay news, circuit party info and much much more.

Please take some time to check out Restoring Love and if you have some, offer up some advice to Erik and Ruben.




the uncut cock blog

The original MustBeGay was all about links to other gay sites (and it’s still all there – just click the pink button on the right labeled MustBeGay Directory) so don’t forget to add your site) So in keeping with that tradition, we’re going to be highlighting some of our favorite blogs. The first in this series is: The Uncut Cock.

uncut cocks

I’ve been following this uncut cock blog for a long time now, and they do a great job of covering (pun intended) everything about the uncut cock. You can expect to find articles, links, art, and of course porn stars and porn sites with models with their dicks all beautifully intact.

Mentioning this site is actually very timely for me – every few months there seems to be a huge debate over on the USG-online (USG = Undewear Swimwear Guide) message boards about cut versus uncut. And there’s a brand new one here. Seems like everyday there’s a new study how guys with uncut dicks are a higher risk in contracting STDs like HIV and HPV, and then there’s a medical journalist who rebuffs the study. As with most heated discussions on message boards, they are heated and generally break away from scientific evidence and opinion to name calling.

Personally I’m uncut and so is my partner (hi Versexxx!) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I absolutely love uncut cocks, but I also really really like cut cocks too. Variety is the spice of life. And my take on all this is simple – be informed and read up on it and make the decisions for yourself, and most importantly – Love Yourself. Cocks are pretty wonderful whether you’re cut or not. Be safe but have fun with what you have.

So back to The Uncut Cock – it’s a great site and if you’re into uncut cocks like I am, you’ll want to bookmark it and visit it regularly.