fucking on a pool table


Is it art? Is it porn? Why can’t it be both? Often I think what the guys at UKNakedMen produce bridges the gap, or at least comes close with their atmospheric and moody shoots like this one. Set in some British estate home in the grande billiards room with it’s 12 foot plus ceilings, these two built hunks make themselves right at home on the pool table. Just like the the size of the room, everything about these handsome muscled guys is also deliberate and grand – including their rock hard HUGE cocks.

pool table sex

I’m just amazed that anyone let these stunning British guys spread themselves over, stand on, sit on and suck themselves off and fuck each other on this beautiful antique pool table. I also love the way they stand over each other threatening to come all over the other lying down – it’s a power play and it’s hot as hell.

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Antton Harri - Hot Nude Male Model

Antton Harri is simply stunning in every way, from that gorgeous face right down to his impressive dick. He’s one of the latest of so many beautiful men on ParagonMen. After viewing this post and his photos, be sure to do yourself the favor and visit their site.

Antton Harri - Hot Nude Male Model

Here’s what ParagonMen had to say about him: “32 year old Antton stole the sexy dimpled chin of Cary Grant – and the same charm, too! This sultry morocho is originally from Spain, but currently resides in Florida. Antton came to the US to study Political Science and ended up in porn! How else is a boy supposed to pay off student loans? Especially when that boy discovered he not only had a need, he had a knack! He’s got the testimonials to prove it!”

We’ve done a second post on Antton modeling three styles of underwear over on our Underwhere? Blog in case you’re interested.

Antton Harri - Hot Nude Male Model

Antton Harri - Hot Nude Male Model

The best thing about Paragon Men is the vast amount of content they give you for free including lot of photos of their models in underwear. They have extensive, albeit G-rated, photos of each and ever model available to everyone ( if you have a thing for mens underwear, then you’re going to love this site,) but it’s in the members section that it really gets interesting – not only to the models shed their underwear and you get to see the full monty but you’ll also find videos of the photoshoots. Not all the guys get buck naked, but so often even the shy guy end up showing off their family jewels by accident during the videos. The whole “tease” works and if you’re not ready to blow after gazing a few of these hot guys then you may want to check your pulse!



ManifestMen have just overhauled their site, and although initially I wasn’t sure why they would do so, as their site was already pretty spectacular, I decided to sign up to see what all the fuss was about. Well, they’re not only reorganized and redsigned it, but they have improved the size of their videos and their photosets are now downloadable.

So, to celebrate all the improvements of this phenomenal muscle site, here’s a quick photoset of one of my favoriteManifestmen models Xavier.

There’s nothing not to love about this huge handsome Bodybuilder. So many muscle guys tend to work out one part of their body in favour of another, but Xavier is pretty well rounded. He’s got a wide chest with perfectly defined pecs and two of the most perfect suckable nipples around. Heading lower, he’s got abs for days and for the time being, we’ll skip over his crotch and check out his big thick thighs and calves. Heading back up to the mother load, his ass is equally as perfect and muscular, and his dick is, like the rest of his body, large and thick. Of course the best part is his stunning good looks and the photo where he smiles: I’m melting, I’m melting!

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naked muscles in the dessert

A funny thing just happened…

Not due to any real reason, but I haven’t promoted ManifestMen on my blogs for sometime. I guess if there was any reason, it’s simply because I’ve been too busy, but ManifestMen is one of those websites that I always come back to not only because it’s by far the sexiest gay porn site out there, but also because of the time, effort and quality that goes into both their photo shoots and video shoots. Think of what would happen if a photographer like Herb Ritts did porn and that’s the best I can do to describe what ManifestMen is all about.

So, anyway, I’m here writing this post about one of my favorite models on their site Alex Westfallen and the phone rings in the office and it just happens to be ManifestMen, and in particular, it’s Alex Sulaco the director of the movies. I’ve never spoken to or met them before and like I said I haven’t done a ManifestMen update in a while so what are the chances of that? Turns out he’s looking for some jockstraps and who else to ask about Jockstraps than Jockstrap Central (my underwear store.) Anyway, so now I know he’s not only talented, but nice as well.

So, back to the actual post – Alex WestFalen is stunning, and the stark dessert setting is wonderful because the hot sun creates lines of beaded sweat down traveling down Alex’s chiseled body. These are only a few photos from the complete set, but the real deal is the video and seeing Alex in motion.

naked bodybuilders

alex westfalen

ManifestMen features bodybuilders and fitness models, and although not every phoot and video is what I’d consider porn, each and every one is sexy and erotic and when they do do porn it’s full-on and hot. The photos are some of the biggest I’ve ever seen on a porn site, and the ManifestMen videos are huge and offered in multiple formats so get clicking on over to check it out:



naked older guys

There’s just some guys who have such a strong presence that you can’t help but looking up to them. Of course it doesn’t hurt when the cameraman is on his knees and shooting MenOver30‘s latest hunky model John King from down below. It’s one of my favorite angles, especially when the subject of the camera is a big handsome older guy like John here. Guess it’s just my submissive tendencies – regardless, he’s hot and I love it.

older porn stars

naked looking up

hunky naked men

men over 30 naked

MenOver30 features exactly like their name states – men over 30. Sure some of them are barely over 30, and other are well into their 50s, but you’ll never find any jocks or twinks – ever. They offer up their men in solos and duos, and in high quality photos and videos. Their videos are huge and can be downloaded as well. They’ve been operating for a few years and now include over 160 men online.

What do you guys think of this sort of camera angle? Turn on? Turn off? Let us know using the comment system below (click the comment link).


hot older men in their prime


straight guy for queer eyes

straight muscle guy on webcam

Jeff’s this handsome muscled straight guy who’s also an exhibitionist. He gets off (literally) on camming for others. He’s also a very open minded sort of guy and doesn’t care who’s watching, as long as someone is watching. He’s been doing it for over 6 years so it’s only makes sense that he’s knows how to work his cam, how to get the best shots and what the limits are. In my mind he’s also become sort of an artist. Check out these vidcaps from one of his shows and tell me that this isn’t art!








Beyond the whole “art” aspect you’ll find an amazing website where he performs twice a week on cam. In between Jeff’s shows you can browse through literally hundreds of taped archived shows and galleries. He also has DVD’s available to purchase. He’s a really nice guy and unlike a lot of cammers, he’s there for his audience, taking requests and as much as he can, fulfilling them.



muscle worship model Art

Muscle Worship has got to be my favorite porn sites out there for many reasons, but now there’s even more reasons to love them. They’ve just started combining all of their sites into one, so if access to 600 of their huge high quality videos wouldn’t keep you satisfied, by the end of this week, they’ll have 1000 of them. How much porn do you need?

ripped jean shorts and muscles

This particular Muscle model is Art. He’s got to be one of my favorites and luckily (for me anyway) he appears a few times on Muscle Worship. In this particular video, he starts off in some well worn ripped jean shorts. He eventually peels them off (his thighs are huge!) and parades around with his rather large package stuffed into a miniscule blue thong. He’s obviously turned on about showing off his muscles, for when he strips out of the thong, his dick is raging hard and he has to stroke it till it bursts.

Muscle Hunk Art in a blue thong

One of the greatest things about Muscle Worship videos is that they never rush. In the case of Art’s video, all the time Art is flexing and stripping, the cameraman manages to find the most amazing camera angles. He makes sure he zooms in on each muscle group and back out for the complete package. My absolute favorite angle has to be from down below – and that’s the exactly where the cameraman is when Art finally shoots his pretty spectacular load.

We have even more photos from Art’s video after the jump…

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big muscled guy with tatoos

Perfectly muscled with a great face a handsome dick, Caleb has beaten out Rob Cody as my new favorite MuscleWorship model. Just the thought of that oiled up sweaty hard body near me makes be rock hard.

caleb on muscleworship

videos of big muscle men

MuscleWorship is one of the few sites at which I maintain a membership. Although I’m not really into the whole muscle worship thing which is hugely represented, I do love big guys and I also love underwear ( check out our two underwear blogs un-der-where? and un-der-who? and our And then there’s the videos… They’re presented in Quicktime format, and they’re a huge 720×480 and look great enlarged to full screen as well. MuscleWorship updates their site once a week usually with three new model/videos each time.