All us gay guys know that we can give a better blowjob but here’s the proof.YouLoveJack‘s latest duo features nerdy straight guy Jackson getting his first blowjob from another guy and if the hardness of Jackson’s dick doesn’t convince you that gays do it better, then the size of Jackson’s load all over Brandon’s face, mouth and the couch below certainly is.



From YouLoveJack: “The two are sitting on the couch as the video opens – Jackson quickly turns to Brandon and says, “Okay, let’s do this!” He whips off his pants as Brandon dives on his semi-hard cock. He slips that growing monster in his mouth and before you know it Jackson’s cock is rock hard as he adjusts to what’s happening. This is the first time Jackson’s let another dude suck his cock and his expression is a mixture of wild eyed panic and guilty pleasure – he can’t believe what he’s doing and he can’t how good it feels!”

…and it only gets hotter. There’s hundreds of these amateur model (professionally shot) videos, but this has got to be the best one yet just for the expression on this straight guy’s face. He can’t believe he’s doing it, but damn it feels so good. I just pitty his girlfriend, as she has a lot to live up to from now on.

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cute investment banker

Greg works as a junior broker at a small investment firm – well, he “used” to work there. The recent market shake-up left this fine looking young man out of work on the spot! And that’s where YouLoveJack came to the rescue…

“To be honest, I wanted to do this anyway,” Gregory admits… “Losing my job helped – I mean, I have to pay rent this month!” Well, YouLoveJack was only too happy to help and set him up to make a homemade video for the site.

handsome cute young guy

Gregory is strikingly handsome with his strong square jaw, dreamy blue eyes and slim but muscular body and if all that that doesn’t grab you, then just take a look at the huge thick dick of his. He has a pretty amazing homemade video on YouLoveJack where he get’s naked and gives his ass a workout with his fingers and ends up with a huge sticky mess.

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handsome college guy

VarsityMen features handsome 20 to 30 year old guys who are mostly the type you’d typically see in down the hall in your dorm. Doug is no exception – and if he is in fact in college, he knows how to pamper himself after a grueling week of studying and exams by heading to the spa, stripping down to his white briefs, then to nothing, grabs a towel and heads for a sauna. Little by little the school stress falls off his shoulder and he heads to the hot tub. To finally shed anything left over, he finally gets total release by jerking off.

handsome guy in white briefs

college guy in the sauna

hot guy in the hot tub

VarsityMen has been going for a very long time, so it’s no surprise that they have literally hundreds of college type models in both photos and videos now online. The earlier videos are clear but on the smaller size, but all their latest ones are now larger. Their photos are all huge and they now have a fantastic flash viewer which you can either use manually or set it into slide show mode – which is great when you’re hand is busy doing more important things.



straight guy in a jockstrap

YouLoveJack has got (yet another) hot young stud to add to their line-up. Tommy Finch is pretty spectacular – he’s straight but like most, will do anything if the money is right. Guess the money was more than right as he not only gets really dirty with his dick, but he also gives all us gay guys a real show when he bends over and spreads his ass cheeks – you can practically see right up through to his nostrils. Just wonder what his girlfriend thinks?

straight guy in a jockstrap

Being an underwear fanatic, I just love how he really gives his jockstrap a workout, but that soon comes off and we get to see his very impressive almost 8 inch dick rock hard through the rest of the shoot, although he does manage to throw in a few more ass shots for good measure right before he flips over to his back just in time for the cum to start flying and hit him squarely in the eye and all over his washboard stomach. Incredible!

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So, I have a problem, do I post this video with a cameo of a cute, hot Guy in a jockstrap here – or do I post it on my other blog, Jockstrapping? Well it is really really Gay…but hey the Guy in the jockstrap is really cute too! Take a look at the vid caps I got of him. Just in case you like the yellow Safe-T-Gard jockstrap, you can always get one from Jockstrap Central. Of course you can’t see the label on it ’cause the Guy is wearing it inside out!

gay pimp yellow jockstrap

gay pimp yellow jockstrap

gay pimp yellow jockstrap

There is a price to pay for looking at beauty such as this….now you just have to watch the video, I have to admit it isn’t new, however I know a lot of you won’t have seen it…yet!


columbian twink homemade video

YouLoveJack’s got another stunner to join their roster of young twinky boys making and submitting their homemade gay porn video. This new one is drop dead gorgeous with an infectious smile and tight slim build. He says he’s straight, but isn’t shy when it comes to playing with his ass, including spreading it wide and creating a vacuum that sucks up everything in the room – ok, that’s an exaggeration, but he does spread it wide open.

cute young naked twink

Even if you’re not into the twinky guys, you owe it to yourself to read Karl’s (he’s the owner of the site) witty comments and descriptions of the models and videos. They read like a talk show monologue except he’s describing porn. For example this week when he’s describing Bobby Vegas, this line had me in stitches…

“He hops up on the couch and his left hand involuntarily heads for his ass. For the record, Bobby says he’s straight. I say whatever, straight man – finger your ass! After all… what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (what you thought I’d get through this WITHOUT making that joke?)”

or this one…

“This hot little Columbian fucker turns on the charm at all the right moments. Little smirk here, a quick look there. Here a stud, there a stud. Everywhere a stud stud. But I digress…”

..but back to the guys and the videos – it’s an amazing concept that YouLoveJack has going on. They provide these amateur young guys with the proper camera equipment and lighting and then get them to make a video. The result is a video with everything you love about amateur porn except it’s professionally shot. There’s no creepy directors, no bad disco music, just hot young guys doing what they think it sexy – and you know what? It generally is!

click the “continue” link for the rest of Bobby’s set here on MustBeGay…

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(if you aren’t into the young ones, then scroll down and check out our hot daddy post from earlier)

Sure this new one from YouLoveJack may look like Prince Harry, but the resemblance stops short at his looks. Although Harry Winsome’s really cute, he’s also downright dirty which becomes apparent when he strips out of his jeans and his already rock-hard dick is straining the poor gray fabric of his boxerbriefs. He offers up the fact that people compliment him on his low-hangers, and to prove it, he reaches in through the leg opening of his briefs and whips out two heavy veiny ball sacs. He then ditches the undies and his big hard dick is defying gravity is so erect, but the “dirty” doesn’t stop there. He turns around and kneels on the couch, bends forward and grabs his ass – one cheek in each hand and stretches his mouth watering hole so that for a moment it seems hard to breath as the air from the room gets sucked into his open crack. Ok, so that’s an exaggeration, but as far as holes go, it’s pretty damn nice.


So that’s pretty dirty but how about this? Harry now plants himself back on the couch for the rest of his homemade gay porn video and starts to jerk himself off – slowly at first and then building up to a frenzied crescendo all the while the cum from his sac is building up this enormous pressure and then – BLAM! He’s shooting bucket loads of cum way up over his belly and his chest and hits him smack-dab in the face and drips down his chin. Now that’s dirty. And hot. And only on YouLoveJack.

There’s lots more photos of Harry after the jump…

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