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YouLoveJack’s got another stunner to join their roster of young twinky boys making and submitting their homemade gay porn video. This new one is drop dead gorgeous with an infectious smile and tight slim build. He says he’s straight, but isn’t shy when it comes to playing with his ass, including spreading it wide and creating a vacuum that sucks up everything in the room – ok, that’s an exaggeration, but he does spread it wide open.

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Even if you’re not into the twinky guys, you owe it to yourself to read Karl’s (he’s the owner of the site) witty comments and descriptions of the models and videos. They read like a talk show monologue except he’s describing porn. For example this week when he’s describing Bobby Vegas, this line had me in stitches…

“He hops up on the couch and his left hand involuntarily heads for his ass. For the record, Bobby says he’s straight. I say whatever, straight man – finger your ass! After all… what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (what you thought I’d get through this WITHOUT making that joke?)”

or this one…

“This hot little Columbian fucker turns on the charm at all the right moments. Little smirk here, a quick look there. Here a stud, there a stud. Everywhere a stud stud. But I digress…”

..but back to the guys and the videos – it’s an amazing concept that YouLoveJack has going on. They provide these amateur young guys with the proper camera equipment and lighting and then get them to make a video. The result is a video with everything you love about amateur porn except it’s professionally shot. There’s no creepy directors, no bad disco music, just hot young guys doing what they think it sexy – and you know what? It generally is!

click the “continue” link for the rest of Bobby’s set here on MustBeGay…

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YouLoveJack is an incredible site, especially if you’re into younger guys and homemade gay porn. Don’t get the wrong impression, the homemade part only refers to the style. Although the videos are shot by the cute guys in the videos, YouLoveJack makes sure they have the best equipment and lighting and they edit it so it is the highest quality and it’s never boring. They update their own content weekly, plus they throw in some of the best add-in content like Squirtz, Cruiserboys and Dick Show so you’re never without fresh new porn.


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