Wanking on a public train

We see lots of great videos on Xtube, but we wanted to do something different, so we’re adapting the Theme idea from our blog and applying it to Xtube videos.

For this first installment, I was going to do public sex / wank videos, but in my searches I started finding videos of guys pulling out their dicks and jerking off on trains. Before you know it, I had enough for a couple posts. Here’s the first bunch and I’ll revisit the theme again later on.

Some of these guys are most likely on late night trains and the risk of getting caught is pretty slim, but a few of these guys are doing it with people in seats down the way and one guy is standing up and jerking off as the trains pulls into a busy station. It’s all pretty hot and I hope to see more of this trend.

***NOTE*** Xtube’s embedding has been pretty flakey these days, so I’m not even going to bother to embed the videos. Each screencap links directly to the video on Xtube. So click the photos and the video will open in another window. Enjoy the train wanks:

wanking in a train’s window as it pulls into a busy station

wanking on a train

older guy jerking off on a train

train wank

cumming on a trains seat cushion

pulling it out and wanking on a train

trying to hide an erection on a busy train

standing up and jerking off on a train

DON’T FORGET – Click the photos to view the videos!


straight guy makes homemade video for his girlfriend

Ok, I’m not going to talk about how this straight guy is missing his girlfriend so he makes a private video for her then runs low on cash and sells it toYouLoveJack.

I just don’t care.

What I do care about is this guy is un-fucking-believably hot and I’m not really into young guys. But there’s just something about Casey that makes me keep going back to his video. Maybe it’s his cute face, or maybe it’s his rock hard body or maybe his uncut cut (I just loves the cock), or maybe just the simple face he’s straight and I can’t have him. Regardless, he’s a winner and is a fine addition to YouLoveJack’s already huge roster of incredible young men doing the whole homemade video thing.

There’s lots more Casey after the jump…

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Movie ratings? How do you read them? Who’s do you read? What exactly do they mean?

We usually go to Rotten Tomatoes! Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t write their own review. Their method of scoring is to collect accredited critic submissions – both Gay and Straight. They then give an evaluation of their findings on a percentage scale, or as they call it their “Critics Tomatometer”. They also publish each review they’ve used in formulating their score. We’ve found the best thing to do is check out the “Tomatometer” then form your own opinion of where each review came from. We’ve also found that the Gay press can also be the biggest critic of Gay themed movies!

A quick suggestion – remember seeing a really good movie, find out what review it got here and see if you agree with the critics choices.

boy culture movie highlight

Now available on DVD from tla video “Boy Culture“. According to Rotten Tomatoes this movie got a rating of 70%. With 27 reviews posted so far, 19 of them positive this is a movie we feel you can watch at home, curled up on the couch with your loved one – be that a Dog, Cat, Man or Woman and enjoy some serious man eye candy.

Photos, preview and synopsis after the jump.

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fine art male photography
male photography
fine art male photographer

Starting off our photographer spotlight series is Mark Lynch…

Photographer Mark Lynch’s work has been published in the U.S., Canada, the Czech Republic, Australia, Norway, Germany, and Brazil. Over the past decade Lynch’s images have appeared in magazines such as “BLUE” (Sydney) and “PLAYGIRL” (New York) as well as numerous photographic anthologies. Current projects include “Visions” (Bruno Gmuender, Berlin) and the acclaimed “BOYS” calendar series. The 2008 calendar will be the fourth consecutive year that has showcased Lynch’s photographs.



joey pulls out just in time to squat over Mike’s face and dump a load on his chest

This week, YouLoveJack‘s got a fucktastic duo heading your way – here’s the synopsis Joey and Mike and their homemade gay porn:

“Joey met Mike a few nights before they shot this. Apparently Mike had seen Joey on the You Love Jack and asked him if they could do a video together. Joey took him for a test drive that night and rather liked it so he said yes. Little did he know what was in store…

Mike showed up for the shoot a little bit… Oh, how should I say this? HAMMERED. As in drunk as a skunk. Joey was a little bit pissed off but totally horny so he decided to fuck this twink again anyway. So he set up the camera and went to town.

Everything starts out fine… You can tell Mike is a little slow on the draw. But nothing too drastic. They start out kissing on the bed and the clothes come off and things start to heat up. When joey finally gets up to adjust the camera his 7″ boner is almost tearing a hole in his boxers…”

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big muscled guy with tatoos

Perfectly muscled with a great face a handsome dick, Caleb has beaten out Rob Cody as my new favorite MuscleWorship model. Just the thought of that oiled up sweaty hard body near me makes be rock hard.

caleb on muscleworship

videos of big muscle men

MuscleWorship is one of the few sites at which I maintain a membership. Although I’m not really into the whole muscle worship thing which is hugely represented, I do love big guys and I also love underwear ( check out our two underwear blogs un-der-where? and un-der-who? and our And then there’s the videos… They’re presented in Quicktime format, and they’re a huge 720×480 and look great enlarged to full screen as well. MuscleWorship updates their site once a week usually with three new model/videos each time.



Welcome to the MustBeGay Blog!

Hot guys in jockstraps

For those of you familiar with MustBeGay, don’t worry, our gaysite directory and gay site galleries and reviews are still here – just click the pink buttons to the right. But times are changing, and It’s about time we breath new life into MustBeGay.

Following the tradition of our other blogs, Un-der-where?, Un-der-who?, and, MustBeGay is about to become a site worth bookmarking again. Within the theme of the original MustBeGay, the blog is going to be covering the gay universe from porn stars, photos and videos of hot men, tv shows and anything gay we find worth mentioning. With myself and my partner Adrian updating the blog, you’ll find two distinct points of view (and tastes in men) so we have it all covered.