Well, it took a few days for me to catch up with my Friend R. in Belgium to find out about Radio Donna.

His update is

“Radio Donna is not a gay station, it’s a gay friendly radio station and probably the most popular radio station in Belgium. The music they are playing is primarily from the charts and on Friday and Saturday evenings a more clubby atmosphere.”

Apparently “it’s State owned, so they have lot’s of money to make their commercials crazy and funny”. The Station is also broadcast out of Flanders so is broadcast only in Dutch.

I do know we’re going to be checking out their broadcast on Friday and Saturday evenings.

If you missed the video commercial the first time, here it is again!

Or if you want to see something totally unrelated yet hilarious, check out this video of Donnarama, one of the competitors in the 2007 Drag Idol competition held at Zelda’s in Toronto, Canada earlier this year! I have a special fondness for this clip as I’m in it…… As Donnarama jumps off the stage at 2:27 into the clip, I’m the Guys she jumps on and makes feel her fake boobs. What an evening, we already have a table reserved for the whole run next Year! The clip also has a cameo appearance by the winner from the previous year Tulsi.

If any of you are going to be in Toronto next year from early February to mid April, be sure to check out Zelda’s on Tuesday nights for a fun filled action packed, knock down drag em out Drag competition. It gets pretty fierce as the prize is over $2500.00.