Nasty Pig Constellation and Streamline Shorts are Here

Nasty Pig Shorts

There are three occasions that get me really excited: The first is Christmas because Adrian (husband and business partner) always gets me something nice. The second is my birthday (coming in less than two weeks!) because Adrian always gets me something nice. And the third is the arrival of the new Nasty Pig shorts as they become our new office attire for the summer (and they’re always pretty nice). The 2014 Nasty Pig are here and they’re everything we hoped for – short, fitted, stylish, comfortable and totally revealing:

Streamline Trunk

The Streamline Trunk, although worn tight and fitted, allows you to move more fluidly in these bright and fresh short shorts, constructed from a double-faced fabric made to Nasty Pig’s specifications: the outside is a light mesh that’s firmly affixed to the inside lightweight cotton fleece. Not only does it feel great cradling your “boys” but it also shows everything you’re packing – so commando is the way to go.

They also feature an interior pocket for small items, reversed fabric at the elastic waistband, leg holes and down the sides as racing stripes, and a contrast color rubber Nasty Pig logo on the left leg. Finally, a draw string completes this awesome trunk.

Constellation Trunk

What we love most about these very retro boxing-inspired shorts is that the fabric is sturdy enough and the leg opening are just wide enough that your bulging package could cause some naughty up-short viewing opportunities – especially if you’re free-balling.

The Constellation Trunk is low cut men’s short and punchy featuring the wear-it-proud Nasty Pig name across the front woven right into the high quality elastic. They’ve used just enough lightweight non-snag nylon and purposely omitted side pockets to show off your goods to perfection. There is, however, a little inside pouch pocket for your bare necessities. There’s no lining, and that’s the point, but if you really want, wear a jockstrap underneath for a little support.

Finally, printed constellation side panels running vertically down each thigh are out of this world.