A New Classic in the Making: Cellblock 13 Locker Jocks

Cellblock 13 Locker Jocks

Taking inspiration from the traditional sport jockstraps we grew up with, Cellblock 13 has created what’s sure to become another classic with it’s super sturdy waistband, woven pouch and bold colors. It’s equally perfect for sports or some hot and heavy sport fetish sex session.

Like all good sport jocks, a woven pouch ensures air circulation and moisture wicking. It’s slightly contoured and includes a center seam. Although the fabric has a two-way stretch it’s designed to keep things in place during a rigorous workout (interpret that as you will).

The ultra-masculine full 3 Inch wide waistband is built tough with classic sport jock pinstripes running horizontally through the elastic. Respecting it’s roots, the white rectangular care label is on the outside front and center with the make-a-statement Cellblock 13 logo, the size and care instructions displayed for all to see. Finally, solid one inch elastic leg straps not only ensures everything stays in place but they frame your ass to perfection.

Can’t decide which colors to get? Let our latest model Tristian help you as he gives the Locker Jocks a thorough workout over at our website.