Who hasn’t heard of Amy Winehouse by now, winner (in absentia) of 5 Grammies at this years awards. Who doesn’t love her sexy sultry voice when she sings?

(Photo courtesy of exposay.com)

Who knew she would be so hilarious on the British game show “Never Mind the Buzzcocks”?

I loved the response she gave to being asked if her hair was all her own…. “”yeah it’s mine (be)cause I bought it”

Hope you enjoy this video recently posted on youtube.

When I was writing this post I went on to Amazon to see about getting the code to link to her album “Back to Black” and on reading the reviews found someone who was complaining about her voice and her (?alleged?) drug habits…. in doing this they said Amy was “a self-destructive alcoholic with eating disorders and” (used) “tabloid headlines to get noticed.” Mentioning that she did not compare to the greats of:

Ray Charles (yes, the same Ray Charles who was a known heroin addict)

Duke Ellington (yes, the pothead)

Etta James (yes, another heroin addict) and

Phil Spector (alleged “misogynist and murderer”)

Make up your own minds, but while you think about it enjoy the next couple of songs written and/or sung by Amy, try listening to the lyrics.