No we know Mika has never come out of the closet – if in fact he is in one – and whats more we don’t care, we just love his music and the messages in them.

Think about it, you’re young, you’re new to the music business, you’re trying to make a name for yourself and get noticed in what is still a very straight dominant world – ask yourself, would you want to jeopardize fame and fortune? If he is Gay and wants to “come out” let him do it on his own time line.

Now there are times and people that I agree should be outed – namely Politicians and public figures who vote against Gay issues, and get caught in washrooms certain situations then try to deny the obvious. Chances are – if they were good at their jobs and had come out earlier then the situation would not be so much of an issue. Think back to George Michael – who cares, he didn’t come out at the start of his career either, and now….. well, form your own opinion!

Here we have Mika with his new music video for “Happy Ending” from his album “Life In A Cartoon World”. We love the album so much we bought all our friends copies of it – yes bought! We could have burned copies, who can’t? We just want to support new artists that we like and appreciate.


Right now Amazon has the CD on sale for $9.99

At some stage it was my plan to link directly to the Mika website, unfortunately it doesn’t work properly in Firefox!!! If you want to check out his site, cut and paste the following into your I.E. browser.