Now I’m not usually someone who enjoys junk mail of any kind, however I do enjoy my facebook profile. Friends get to post stuff here that I can check when I’m ready and not have to sort through my inbox to weed out the work from the pleasure. An old friend of mine posted this on my “Fun Wall”, well here are a bunch of acronyms I can use about this video from youtube – lmao, rofl and lol.

Let me know what you think!


Kind of makes you glad we only trust someone with lots of “hands on” personal experience with our most tender possessions!!!


Well, we’ve ordered our copies already, just in case you missed seeing this movie in theaters it’s being released on November 20th.

Not only did we order a copy for us, we also ordered a copy for my Mom in England and Deusex’s Mom is getting one for Christmas. We had my Mom visit us in Toronto earlier this year, and we took the opportunity to show her where parts of the movie were filmed – The “Hardy Har Hut” shown during the shoot at the corner of Eastern and Carlaw (Gale’s Snack Bar never looked so good!!!) Plus a few other locations around Town, it was so much fun.


Before and after the shoot!


Right across the street is the building that had the poster of the singing trio “The Dynamites” come to life on it, freshly painted white now – and kinda boring.


This version of the movie is based on the original 1988 movie by John Waters, but with the addition of all the music and lyrics from the Broadway show. Starring John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken and Nikki Blonsky as Tracy Turnblad it’s a must have for your DVD collection! Get it from Amazon by clicking the link below.

Let’s not forget the original movie starring Divine aka Harris Glenn Milstead, I guess i’m going to date myself now by telling you I had the opportunity to see Divine perform several times in London in the early/mid 80’s, twice at Heaven and twice at the London Hippodrome (now defunct). What can I say, Divine was one of the best live entertainers I’ve ever seen!

This last video was shot at the World Premiere of the 1988 version in Baltimore! Enjoy!


Well, it took a few days for me to catch up with my Friend R. in Belgium to find out about Radio Donna.

His update is

“Radio Donna is not a gay station, it’s a gay friendly radio station and probably the most popular radio station in Belgium. The music they are playing is primarily from the charts and on Friday and Saturday evenings a more clubby atmosphere.”

Apparently “it’s State owned, so they have lot’s of money to make their commercials crazy and funny”. The Station is also broadcast out of Flanders so is broadcast only in Dutch.

I do know we’re going to be checking out their broadcast on Friday and Saturday evenings.

If you missed the video commercial the first time, here it is again!

Or if you want to see something totally unrelated yet hilarious, check out this video of Donnarama, one of the competitors in the 2007 Drag Idol competition held at Zelda’s in Toronto, Canada earlier this year! I have a special fondness for this clip as I’m in it…… As Donnarama jumps off the stage at 2:27 into the clip, I’m the Guys she jumps on and makes feel her fake boobs. What an evening, we already have a table reserved for the whole run next Year! The clip also has a cameo appearance by the winner from the previous year Tulsi.

If any of you are going to be in Toronto next year from early February to mid April, be sure to check out Zelda’s on Tuesday nights for a fun filled action packed, knock down drag em out Drag competition. It gets pretty fierce as the prize is over $2500.00.


Booting around the web today I found a blog gaytlv that had some great remixes of (almost) everyones favorite, Madge Madonna.

The first is the Madonna song ‘Isaac’ from the “Confessions On a Dance Floor” album mixed with the Ofra Haza version of Im Nin’ala. We do suggest you go over and check out the Gay Tel-Aviv blog, starting with the full article on this remix by Israeli DJ Offer Nissim.

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with the post, I just thought he was HOT! (Also got the image from gaytlv, click the photo for a much larger uncut image.)

This second video is of Madonna with Sharam, half of the Dynamic DJ duo Deep Dish.

Hope you all enjoy this music (and naked Guy as much as I did).


We found this commercial browsing on youtube the other day and just had to post it here.

It is for Donna a Radio station out of Belgium, we can’t figure out if it’s a Gay radio station – however I do have a friend in Belgium who I’ve e mailed about it, so watch out for an update.

If anyone else knows anything about this Station please feel free to post a comment about it.


You have to love Brazil, not only for their beautiful people, stunning beaches and the magnificent countryside. We now find we love Brazilian TV, after all they have “Beija Sapo” (Kissing Toads). Produced for MTV Brazil, and hosted by Brazilian model Daniella Cicarelli pictured here with her boyfriend. Earlier this year the couple were in the news for (secretly) being filmed having sex in the shallow water at the beach!!!! More on this later.


The show “Kissing Toads” is the Brazilian version of the TV show “Blind Date”, the twist here is that once or twice a season they have a Gay edition. The lead participants called the Prince or Princess have to choose between three contestants who are completely dressed up in Toad outfits. The Prince/ss have to get to know the “Toads” through questioning them, the Toads friends and a song with lyrics penned by the Toads. The show ends with the selected Toad (revealing his/herself) and the Prince/ss kissing.

Video after the jump

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Well, I guess we all need a good laugh (NOT)! It seems – according to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Gay people do not exist in Iran! Well if Gay people don’t exist, why do they execute them…on a regular basis. His response, to a question put to him at Columbia University, about the persecution of Gays (amongst other elements of a normal Western Society) was

“In Iran, we don’t have homosexuals like in your country. We don’t have that in our country. In Iran, we do not have this phenomenon. I don’t know who’s told you we have it.”

Here in his own words (translated) is the excerpt from the Q & A session following his address to Columbia university. (personal thoughts on this bring to mind a certain European Guy with a mustache named Adolf! The only difference, he acknowledged Gay people existed, and made a plan to exterminate us all.)

We would like to thank ryannewyork (youtube I.D.) for posting this response, we think this tells something closer to the truth.


No we know Mika has never come out of the closet – if in fact he is in one – and whats more we don’t care, we just love his music and the messages in them.

Think about it, you’re young, you’re new to the music business, you’re trying to make a name for yourself and get noticed in what is still a very straight dominant world – ask yourself, would you want to jeopardize fame and fortune? If he is Gay and wants to “come out” let him do it on his own time line.

Now there are times and people that I agree should be outed – namely Politicians and public figures who vote against Gay issues, and get caught in washrooms certain situations then try to deny the obvious. Chances are – if they were good at their jobs and had come out earlier then the situation would not be so much of an issue. Think back to George Michael – who cares, he didn’t come out at the start of his career either, and now….. well, form your own opinion!

Here we have Mika with his new music video for “Happy Ending” from his album “Life In A Cartoon World”. We love the album so much we bought all our friends copies of it – yes bought! We could have burned copies, who can’t? We just want to support new artists that we like and appreciate.


Right now Amazon has the CD on sale for $9.99

At some stage it was my plan to link directly to the Mika website, unfortunately it doesn’t work properly in Firefox!!! If you want to check out his site, cut and paste the following into your I.E. browser.